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Watch Lady Gaga Conduct An Orchestra In Recording Studio

Watch Lady Gaga Conduct An Orchestra In Recording Studio
Photo credit: instagram.com/papculture

Lady Gaga's long list of talents includes singing, songwriting, acting, producing, directing, roof jumping, farming, professional Starbucks drinking,Ā and being Italian. Now, she can expand it even further by proudly adding "conducting an orchestra."

While working on new music for one her upcoming projects with producer and composer Mark Nilan Jr., Gaga not only sang with an orchestra, but also conducted it all by herself.

"We had the orchestra coming in,"Ā Mark wrote in an Instagram post. "Music prepared. Then decided to add orchestra to oneĀ more song, with oneĀ hour before the start time. We wrote this orchestra arrangement in an hour. With pencil and paper. I literally wore through fourĀ pencils. Have yet to come across anyone that can pull that off these days... And it sounds epic. Wait til' youĀ hear it."

Watch the video (which is, of course, muted), below...