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Be respectful

Gagadaily is a place of tolerance and respect. Instances of discriminatory actions or posts including (but not limited to) racism, xenophobia, transphobia, homophobia, misgendering, etc. will be meet with extremely strict punishments such as hefty warnings or full, site wide, bans. The Moderation Team and Admin have zero tolerance for this behavior and users found to be displaying this type of conduct will be reprimanded as such. Arguments such as lack of ill-will or intent will not suffice.

Warning: 3+ permanent points

Do not insult or bully other users. Do not flamebait* or make any comments that are prejudiced, racist, sexist, homophobic, etc. in nature. Do not post other members' private information.

Warning: 1 to 4 points

Don't abuse or misuse the reaction feature
Reacting to posts is fine, but when you're giving out "sad" or "lmao" reactions for no other reason than to express a passive aggressive attitude or to flood someone's posts with these reacts it is a misuse of the site and can be an abuse of the reaction feature. The mod team may revoke anyones privilege to react to posts at their discretion. 
Warning: 1 to 4 points and/or possible reaction restriction

Be cooperative
All posts should remain on topic without trying to derail or discredit the thread. Do not post spam messages. This includes flooding, multiple off-topic posts, numerous duplicate posts, etc. Please do not post in old threads that are no longer relevant. When creating new threads, be sure to place them in the proper section. Thread titles should be descriptive, not misleading or confusing. Already Posted** posts and Erasing Topic Title/Content*** can be seen as pointless, and can be warned.
Warning: 1 to 2 points

Be decent
Our site has members of all ages. Please do not post content that may be inappropriate for younger fans, including or not limited to NSFW threads, nudity or graphic imagery.
Warning: 2 to 4 points

Follow good posting etiquette
All posts should follow proper grammar and style practices. They should be easily readable, without visually disrupting the flow of the page. Do not stretch the page with white space or repeated images. Do not make empty posts that only contain a quote from another post. Do not post topic titles in all capitals. Posts must be in the English language.
Warning: 1 to 2 points

Use the forum for its intended purpose
Do not use this site to advertise products, websites, or trade illegal material. Do not share illegal links or ask for them. Do not post or promote any form of misinformation or conspiratorial theory that directly or indirectly harms people on or off the forum. Do not create more than one account here. Always be respectful to our volunteer forum staff—do not discuss moderation publicly. If you have an issue with moderation, please make a thread in the Support section or PM a mod directly to discuss. Please do not try to inflate your reputation (for example, by asking people to like your posts), otherwise you will be warned and/or your reputation number will be reset.
Warning: 2 to 3 points (possibly permanent, if warranted)

Copy-paste rule
Please refrain from copy-pasting whole articles, including imagery, in a thread (less 50% of the article with a link to the original article is okay). This is not a form of censorship, Gaga Daily has been receiving an increase of cease-and-desist letters from various sources all over the Internet over copyrighted material so to safeguard Gaga Daily and its users against legal retributions, this rule was created.
Warning: 1 point

Ban lengths
An account is banned upon reaching 10 warning points. Warning points expire 60 days after they are given.

First ban: 90 days
Second ban: 6 months
Third ban: permanent

Discriminatory post warnings bypass the first ban, and are a standard 6 months, then permanent.

Selling items, documents, or any material goods is not allowed on any of the Gaga Daily forums or within the personal messenger service. Any user attempting to buy or sell on the website will be warned accordingly. Users are prohibited from posting threads/posts/statuses etc asking for any kind of donations, monetary or otherwise. Therefore, all GoFundMes, online campaigns, or otherwise cannot be posted unless initiated by Gaga Daily itself. In addition, Gaga Daily is not responsible for any transactions, money or otherwise, between users.

Gaga Daily reserves the right to ban any user. Those who violate the rules or generally disrupt the community may be banned without notification.

Generally, a flamebait post is an unnecessary offensive comment about an artist, fanbase, or group of people. Flamebait posts are not allowed because they are likely to start a fight. Do not make offensive comments bashing an artist that have no point other than to insult. If you wish to make a harsh comment, it must have a point or validation to back it up. Do not disrespect artists in threads dedicated to them. Do not go into a thread dedicated to Cher to talk about how much you don't like Cher. Do not go into a vegetarian thread to discuss how much you love meat. Lady Gaga does not have a dedicated thread here, but the entire site is dedicated to her, so you can't be a member here just to talk about how much you don't like Lady Gaga. Do not insult fans of any artist.

*Already-posted rules
Please do not post "AP," "we been knew" (or any variations or similar things that serve the same purpose) because they unfortunately do not add anything to the topic or discussion. Also it can be dismissive to the OP and can cause a flurry of off-topic posts which can be frustrating for others. If a thread has already been posted then please report the thread with a link to the existing thread so that the Mod Team is notified and can merge the threads as soon as possible. AP posts in threads will be given a soft warning (0 warning points) if it is a user's first time. Repeat offenders will be issued 1 warning point and may be issued a higher number of warning points at the discretion of the moderators if it is a further repeat issue.

*Erasing topic title/content
Please do not edit a topic title to "delete" or "nvm" or any variations that serve the same purpose, including the removal of content in the first post by the thread's creator. This is because it makes a topic pointless and only causes non-discussion and pointless posts. Furthermore, such topics are also confusing for people who enter them after the original content has been erased. Erasing topic titles/content doesn't help the cause because it's left to pure chance whether the topic is seen and acted upon. If you need a topic locked, moved, hidden, merged, or any other action then please 'Report' it, stating the reason in the report box so it can be reviewed and dealt with appropriately by a moderator as soon as possible. 1 warning point will be given to offenders. Repeat offenders may be issued a higher number of warning points at the discretion of the moderators.

Fine print
Gaga Daily does not moderate links to outside sources. When a member clicks on a link posted in any area of the forum they are doing so at their own discretion. We will, however, remove links deemed inappropriate to the best of our abilities.

Members acknowledge there is nudity on this forum and Gaga Daily does not take responsibility for the activities of minors on the Internet and can not guarantee there is no 18+ content on this forum. Members view the forum at their own discretion. We will, however, attempt to remove inappropriate content to the best of our abilities.

The moderators have the authority to take any corrective actions necessary to protect the site and its members. A user may be banned for disrupting our community even if they creatively find a way to do it that doesn't break a letter of a rule. These cases will be reviewed by the moderation staff, and if the corrective action taken was deemed in the best interest of the community, that decision will stand.

We will also take each violation of the rule in its own situation. If the violation is clearly not on purpose, not harmful, not negative or disrespectful, we obviously will not warn you. Just keep in mind there is a fine line between a harmful post and a joking post. Just make your intent very clear. In simplistic terms, we have no tolerance for disrespect, but tolerance for mistakes. Arguing against a warning saying it was a joke or mistake after the fact will not work to get your warning reversed. A warning is exactly what it's called—just a warning. Take the warning and be very clear with your postings in the future.

It is impossible to punish all rule breaking as soon as it happens. The Gaga Daily staff is composed of humans who are not always online to give warnings, close or move topics, etc. right away. There is no time frame as to when you can receive a warning; they will be given to any post that we find breaking the rules listed above. When a moderator is online, they will take action with appropriate measures.

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