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  2. Is this your all time favourite Dolly song, or is your favourite a lesser known song? @rumours
  3. Glamourpuss

    Ceremony: Dolly Parton's Greatest Hits (Part 1)

    I feel bad for my low rating now that I know it's @rumours's 11.
  4. It's very upsetting that this is ranked so low.
  5. DrewPa

    LG6 Discussion

    well, I am laughing at myself... At the same time, Hype is good as it is: anticipation, theories, guesses... if one manages to keep on mind that nothing is sure until it is, speculation is indeed part of the fun. Even Gaga's reaction, or lack of reaction in this case, is interesting in a way. Funnier that passing the time here chatting about make up, at least for me.
  6. Britney Jean1

    Ok, We have to STOP

    Or there are some people who can't just like any song that has a Lady Gaga name on it. Going back to that particular track, it seems like a reject song from Ava Max album. The lyrics of it, look like the lyrics that I can make up in my head when I'm cleaning my room.
  7. #17: Wildflowers (w/ Linda Ronstadt & Emmylou Harris) (1987) Average Score: 8.12 High Score: 11 @rumours Low Score: 4.25 @Glamourpuss Comments: @Lois Griffin ~ “I love the collaborations between these women. It is my (unpopular) opinion that the second Trio album is a superior to the first, but nevertheless this is a highlight on the first one. I love an inspirational Dolly Parton song.” Chart Information: U.S. Billboard Hot Country Singles: #6 (18 Weeks on Chart) Canadian RPM Country Tracks: #8 Song Information: After splitting with RCA records in 1986, Parton joined up with Linda Ronstadt and Emmylou Harris to create a largely acoustic record that was acclaimed critically and commercially. Other hits from the album include “To Know Him is to Love Him “(#1), “Telling Me Lies” (#3), and “Those Memories of You” (#5). The album (which was nominated for “Album of the Year” at the Grammy’s) was followed up by an acclaimed second album Trio II (released in 1999). Unfortunately, Ronstadt’s diagnosis with Parkinson’s Disease made a third trio album impossible. Other Nominations (N) and Wins (W) Associated With The “Trio” Era: Academy of Country Music Award (1987) – Album of the Year for “Trio” (W) CMT Music Award (1988) – Vocal Collaboration of the Year for “Trio” (W) CMT Music Award (1988) – Album of the Year for “Trio” (N) Country Music Association Award (1987) – Album of the Year for “Trio” (N) Country Music Association Award (1987) – Female Vocalist of the Year (N) Country Music Association Award (1988) – Vocal Event of the Year (W) Grammy Award (1988) – Album of the Year (N) Grammy Award (1988) – Best Country Vocal Performance by a Duo or Group (W) Grammy Award (1988) – Best Country Song for “Telling Me Lies” (N) The Song: Live Performance: Cover:
  8. Apparently Germany is doing an internal selection this year. A first since 2009. https://eurovoix.com/2020/01/19/germany-internal-selection-appears-almost-certain-for-rotterdam/ I am scared
  9. Gagaloo92

    [Poll] What do you think of Stupid Love so far?

    The taste from so many posting in here is just Note: This post isn't directed at the 90% of you who said you like it or are reserving judgment until the official release. Yall are so ungrateful. After all this time of demanding Gaga go back to electronic pop and this is what you have to say? Calling it trash, etc. when you haven't even heard the full thing, let alone the finalized, HQ product? YIKES! Like you don't have to like the song if you really aren't feeling it, but to trash it as some of you are? And all based off LQ LEAKED SNIPPETS? It's shameful. At the very least you can wait until it's officially released and judge then. All that being said, she's literally coming off all this success and hype from ASIB. She needs something light, accessible and easy on the ears to get the GP interested and listening to her new music after winning them over with ASIB. You really think that's going to happen with an experimental electronic extravaganza? Hell no. That will scare off all those people. It's the LEAD SINGLE. The very first song and sound everyone will hear. Based on what we can hear from what's leaked, it's bright, very catchy and accessible. Which is exactly what she needs for this. You can get experimental, dark sounds you're wanting on the album. That's not what should be released as the first single though
  10. I cant find the longer snippet I've only heard the super short one so I don't have an opinion yet. Still hunting sisterens will update lol.
  11. Flippy

    LG6 Discussion

    True. Eh. Wishful thinking I guess
  12. I'm a Kesha stan, but that didn't do the song good, because of that I'm so used to their collab that I couldn't get used to the original. I liked it, but I preferred so many other amazing songs in the list
  13. Floppy

    Bloodpop posts photo w/ Gaga (IG)

    After Gaga basically flipping us off I have no guilt ever listening to a leak and no one can ever make me feel bad. This is iconic she's literally drinking whiskey watching a fight while a song is leaking lmao.
  14. Lois Griffin

    Ceremony: Dolly Parton's Greatest Hits (Part 1)

    This is a really beautifully written song so I'm very excited that it's associated with Dolly.
  15. I'm a Kesha stan, but didn't rate the song high.
  16. sillynate

    LG6 era to kick off in February

    Who? An insider?
  17. Lois Griffin

    Ceremony: Dolly Parton's Greatest Hits (Part 1)

    And here I thought the Kesha stans were going to deliver this one a safe top ten spot. There are a few tracks that I really can not believe are still here.
  18. I prefer the collab between Dolly and Kesha personally
  19. My "11" is next... I swear to god my fav never wins...
  20. nenhures

    Bloodpop posts photo w/ Gaga (IG)

    The more I hear random tidbits about Gaga's recent collaborators (and more importantly, yes, friends) the more respect I cultivate for them. It's so nice that she's making the choice to surround herself with people whom she appreciates and appreciate her in return and that they're genuinely nice people, not to mention it's lovely to see how effortlessly she inspires those around her.
  21. Old GGD Members Can't Hold Taste To A Megarate
  22. A present for you, Lois:
  23. Nooooo What you all doing? Pleaseeee
  24. LibraOctober98

    "Franch Toast" is another song from LG6

    Breakfast ft. Adele?
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