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Cher, Katy Perry, Darren Chris And More Celebrities React To 'A Star Is Born'


Cher, Katy Perry, Darren Chris And More Celebrities React To 'A Star Is Born'

Various celebrities, including Darren Chris, Tyra Banks, Tina Knowles, and more took to their social media handle to share their reactions to Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper's newly-released movie A Star Is Born. Check them out below...


The sheer feat of what Bradley Cooper pulled off with @starisbornmovie is, to me, breathtaking, and probably the most arresting thing about the film as a whole . Movie musicals have about a million booby traps set for filmmakers to get their movies totally screwed up by. They are ****ing HARD to make well. There’s a reason for why they‘re such a divisive category of film. But I gotta say, I really think Bradley nailed it across the board: SUPERB directing, thoughtful writing, a grounded and compelling performance, solid songwriting, committed singing & playing- he did it ALL. I wasn’t surprised, but nonetheless deeply impressed. Funny story: I’ve been lucky enough to have a few interactions with this guy in the past, and they were all totally cool, relaxed encounters. However, upon seeing him RIGHT after seeing the film- man, I was so blown away by what he accomplished that I mutated into a full-blown Dorkasaurus Rex. It was pretty incredible. I kinda lost my composure and started talking like someone I didn’t know. I believe the phenomenon is called being “starstruck.” Boy was I ever. I was literally rendered speechless. As I was trying to tell him how much I was moved by the film, I stepped out of my own body thinking, dude, get it together. But that’s what happens when you’ve been gobsmacked by something truly awesome. The lines of communication between how you feel and how you’d like to articulate yourself get totally short-circuited, and that’s what happened by way of the rocknroll depth charge that Bradley’s talent set off in that movie theater for me. I even took this derpy-ass picture as an exit strategy from having to hear myself speak anymore 🤦🏻‍♂️ … but despite myself, it’s nice being reminded that none of us are impervious to being awestruck. Even with people we’ve met before! People can do marvelous things, and they can blow your mind into another experience of yourself. It’s honestly why I love going to the movies. It’s a wild and inspiring feeling. So thanks for that, Bradley. You’re a total MF'n force and a true artist. Bravo and thank you for your work.

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The Star is born movie is great! I went yesterday! Didn’t get to post this!

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