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Started by lego, 19 Nov 2014
Ferguson Unrest Discussion - last post by TRILL MONSTER

Started by hmm, 21 Jul 2014
ISIS Terrorism Discussion - last post by Faysalaaa
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Started by Kayla, 12 Jan 2012
Celebrity News belongs in the Entertainment section, News updates - last post by Kayla

Started by lego, 16 minutes ago
UCLA students vote in favor of Israel divestment - last post by lego

Started by Troll, Today, 02:20 PM
supreme leader speak on Ferguson - last post by June

Started by Economy, 58 minutes ago
US Economy Sizzles With Solid Growth Again in 3rd Quarter - last post by Rising

Started by Didymus, Yesterday, 05:26 AM
Israel Makes Muslims Second Rate Citizens - last post by Didymus

Started by Pop, Yesterday, 09:42 PM
Article: Samsung's Mobile Business Is Dying - last post by Sparkly

Started by Simon, Today, 10:17 AM
French Far-Right Leader Le Pen Twice as Popular as President Hollande - last post by craig

Started by lego, 23 Nov 2014
Israel - Palestine Conflict Discussion Thread 2.0 - last post by lego

Started by Simon, 23 Nov 2014
Fastest growing church states their view on gays - last post by Hans Skeleton

Started by Dolev, Today, 04:54 AM
Turkish president : ‘women not equal to men’ - last post by Morphine Prince

Started by Economy, Yesterday, 08:09 PM
Australia Maintains Status As Best Economy In Developed World - last post by Economy

Started by Gagaloo92, Yesterday, 08:23 PM
Google Takes Over Times Square, Allows People to Interact with Ad - last post by Gypsiss

Started by uo111, Yesterday, 04:19 PM
Submergeable Floating City Possible in the Near-'ish' Future - last post by Antidote

Started by EXCXSXE, 23 Nov 2014
Twelve Year old in Cleveland Shot by Police Officer: Holding BB Gun - last post by EXCXSXE

Started by Simon, Yesterday, 09:07 AM
Putin: Merkel only strong politican in the west - last post by Miss Dolly

Started by Simon, 21 Nov 2014
Merkel: Palestinian Recognition Not Right Path - last post by Dolev

Started by MamanMonstre, 18 Nov 2014
Snapchat introduces 'Snapcash'! - Online Prositution?!? - last post by Flem

Started by lego, 23 Nov 2014
Giuliani: ''White Cops Needed To Stop Black People From Shooting... - last post by Tayfani
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