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Started by Morphine Prince, 14 Jul 2014
Ebola Outbreak Discussion - last post by Morphine Prince

Started by Hybrid, 30 Jun 2014
Israel - Palestine Conflict Discussion Thread - last post by Noam Zioni

Started by hmm, 21 Jul 2014
ISIS Terrorism Discussion - last post by Gaga is Mine

Started by Atlas, 02 Aug 2014
Ukraine & Russia Conflict Discussion - last post by VISION
This topic is locked

Started by Kayla, 12 Jan 2012
Celebrity News belongs in the Entertainment section, News updates - last post by Kayla

Started by Economy, 17 Oct 2014
USA Income Inequality Reaching Dangerous Levels! - last post by Economy

Started by Redstreak, Yesterday, 04:58 PM
Obama outright says the Constitution protects same-sex marriage - last post by xzxyyxzx

Started by darkwolf, Today, 07:35 AM
Paralysed man walks again after ‘miracle’ operation - last post by PurplePatch

Started by ARTPOP 2013, Yesterday, 09:04 PM
Oscar de la Renta passes away at age 82 - last post by Juanjo

Started by Cocaine, Today, 06:33 PM
Mr. Steal Yo Girl: Man Tells Obama "Don't Touch My Girlfriend" - last post by HookerHotel

Started by Economy, Yesterday, 09:26 PM
United States Stuck On Dangerous Double-Edged Sword! - last post by Woolfsmck

Started by Enigma, Yesterday, 10:45 AM
Scientists Catches Puppy Sized Spider - last post by Legalize Chris

Started by SlaeUrAnus, Today, 03:43 AM
Gay couple kicked off London bus by driver. Calls them not 'real men' - last post by J e s s e

Started by Morphine Prince, 18 Oct 2014
Vatican scraps "welcome" to gays sought by Pope Francis - last post by RAMROD

Started by Mr Josh, 21 Aug 2014
Apple Discussion Thread - iPad Air 2, iMac 5K Retina, OS X 10.10 out - last post by Blake

Started by CassiePOP, 19 Oct 2014
Transgender woman brutally attacked in New York City - last post by Fabian5000

Started by theMonster5, Today, 05:21 AM
Breakup Violence - last post by RebeldeFaith

Started by Morphine Prince, Yesterday, 01:47 PM
Toys R Us selling Crystal Meth toys - last post by LoyalMonster

Started by GrandchildDavid, Yesterday, 04:54 PM
Android 5.0 "Lollipop" Tour - last post by FameHookah

Started by Pandora, 19 Oct 2014
I've slept with 1,000 men so far - and I don't care if people judge me - last post by No Angel
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