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  2. But she didn't get fined tho... It's just an idiot who called the police, as a joke or because he didn't know that it is allowed in this case.
  3. Least favorite songs from each Gaga albums.

    The Fame: I Like It Rough and Money Honey The Fame Monster: Teeth Born This Way: Fashion Of His Love and Bad Kids ARTPOP: MANiCURE Joanne: Just Another Day
  4. So, that would mean no more Krampus Parade in Austria?
  5. Another 1M likes in the basket

    It's her face without masses of filler...
  6. Its coming, LG6 single is not safe
  7. Least favorite songs from each Gaga albums.

    The Fame : Again Again The Fame Monster : None Born This Way : Bad Kids / The Queen ARTPOP : Jewels n Drugs Joanne : Come To Mama
  8. 2013's National Anthem

    Omg yes
  9. @Supersonic on GGD trying to make the gifs happen:
  10. The Edge of Glory Challenge

    The Scheiße choreography isn't that hard(or at least not for me) so that would be AMAZING
  11. 2013's National Anthem

    LG6 lead single obvs
  12. sound off wont couns why dont do that.
  13. Trump tweets about jobless claims

    Do you not understand simple reports? The economy wouldn't be showing these reports from the job market if the economy was bad. Any information regarding deficit has nothing to do with jobless claims. Also, you need to understand the underlining principles of the economy. You can't fix it, but you can stabilize it and place policies to help it mend itself. "Good economy" doesn't mean great. But it's much better than in 08. https://www.bloomberg.com/view/articles/2017-01-19/ranking-the-obama-economy https://www.newyorker.com/news/john-cassidy/obamas-economic-record-an-assessment
  14. right click > loop + sound off
  15. Least favorite songs from each Gaga albums.

    For those who said Bad Romance, Alejandro, Bloody Mary, Heavy Metal Lover and other phenomenal bops: I got questions.mp3 for you Number one: tell me who you think you are You got some nerve tryna tear my faith apart Number two: why would you try and play me for a fool? I shoulda never ever ever trusted you Number three: why weren't you who you swore that you would be? I have questions, I got questions haunting me
  16. he prbbly saw that on Stand Your Ground and trying to make it here. its their new hit gif but its ugly af lol meaningless
  17. Can you please post: Weekly Spotify update @ViviLittleM Daily Spotify update @HolyDelRey xoxo, Platinum Joanne
  18. Least favorite songs from each Gaga albums.

    TF: Brown Eyes TFM: So Happy I Could Die BTW: Bloody Mary ARTPOP: Dope Joanne: Joanne
  19. ready for the top 100?
  20. Because it's me screaming Million Grammys while running daily errands Cuz you're giving me a million Grammys, give me a million Grammys When I check the chart receipts, I try to make the worst seem better Lord show me the way, to make PI gain SPS much quicker We've got one million digital sales on MR today But we need 100k more for multiplatinum to stay
  21. I still haven't forgiven David Guetta...

    Sia is a queen, excuse me
  22. The Edge of Glory Challenge

    now I want a #Scheiße challenge with complete choreography or The Cure challenge
  23. 2013's National Anthem

    Honestly these songs remind me more of 2013 than Just Give Me A Reason
  24. Gaga bopping to Eh, Eh

    What is going with these she looks so better and happy sentences?
  25. Remix These Please!

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