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  2. oh i can hear it, if you take this whistling sound from The Cure and speed it up and put it on drugs..voila you got that avicii song you posted
  3. How soon do you think ASIB trailer will come?

    Since the trailer has already debuted, I suppose it will come really soon. Maybe within a couple of days. I don't think we need to wait too long for that.
  4. Will you watch ASIB in theatres?

    Yesss, I'm so excited to watch it with people around my country. I'm sure everyone will be blown away by Gaga's looks and acting and singing.
  5. ASIB trailer shown @ CinemaCon

    Ugh omg they better release the trailer alreadyyy
  6. ASIB trailer shown @ CinemaCon

    Aaaahh this has just made my day. All the praise so damn excited trailor will kill me
  7. WB teased ASIB at Cinemacon + Official Logo Reveal?

    They better push its release hard
  9. Strange snippet

    Where does he even get these leaks from
  10. ASIB Trailer coming Soon

    We finally got something!
  11. When you first heard 'Perfect Illusion'

    it was what I was hoping for, always wanted gaga to make a song like that and I was surprised she had "ooooooh's" so those parts felt like throwback, and I loved the bridge backing vocals just wasn't sure about the chorus
  12. Predict the LG6 Album Title

    Wet Puss
  13. ASIB trailer shown @ CinemaCon

    I love waking up to GGD when it's full of news! And all the praise I'm so excited for this movie and I can not wait to go and see it at the cinema (and drag my whole family with me). I know it will be great!
  14. ASIB trailer shown @ CinemaCon

    This is a lot to handle at 7am but why didn’t we get the trailer?
  15. When you first heard 'Perfect Illusion'

    I thought... I am CONFUSION, America Explain!
  16. Predict the LG6 Album Title

  17. Predict the LG6 Album Title

    Honey, it's Mychal Kendricks, I don't think he's a Gaga fan
  18. How soon do you think ASIB trailer will come?

    bleh I said many times.. the promo for a movie before it's premier starts around 5 month before the premier.. I expect to see a teaser trailer and not the 1st full trailer during May or even June.. and maybe not exactly what they showed today.. probably this one was exclusive to the event..
  19. Watch Stephanie Just Shine

    If you're not sure then ask first Also this topic is helpful
  20. Better Choreo: Alejandro or Donatella?

    This isn't even a question. Alejandro is one of the most interesting Gaga choreos of all time. It's fresh, it's intricate and it's guaranteed to snatch you every single time. Just the fact that the original choreo has two sets for the first two choruses alone is deserving of recognition for it's iconicness. What Richy did to the choreo at the artrave version though is unforgivable.
  21. Specially on the #1
  22. Today
  23. How soon do you think ASIB trailer will come?

    In 9.765273 days. Mark your calendars everybody!
  24. ASIB Poster revealed!

    They look so fire together
  25. Will you watch ASIB in theatres?

    Imma pray Hope u r right
  26. How soon do you think ASIB trailer will come?

    Life of the Party is the only Warner movie coming in May as far as I know
  27. Strange snippet

    I guess he leaked also Rihanna- Answer ( A unreleased song that @RihannaStuffOFC teased on twitter since Christmas 2017 but hasn't released. I wish i coul hear the Anti version of the song) and also Praying demo by Kesha
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