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  2. Beyoncé releases Sweet Dreams remix

    So this isn’t just an old remix that was just now posted on iTunes??
  3. OMG Mel B! OMG Busta! OMG why so many features? Azealia, don't become Nekci Mirage
  4. DJWS is angry "STFU about Gaga"

    The sis needs to disable comments
  5. Beyoncé releases Sweet Dreams remix

    inb4 remix album or best of album
  6. Donatella Versace Ice Bucket Challenge

  7. Beyoncé releases Sweet Dreams remix

    If she's hinting at the Return of Sasha for Album 7 I'm so here for it
  8. TIHTY was supposed to be on Joanne

    most critics didn't say that lol it's her fans who ignorantly think that about Joanne
  9. Beyoncé releases Sweet Dreams remix

    i like it
  10. Beyoncé releases Sweet Dreams remix

    this is so random btw the original >>>>>>>>>>>>>
  11. Beyoncé releases Sweet Dreams remix

    I'm listening to the original one to cleanse my ears
  12. TIHTY was supposed to be on Joanne

    it would stick out like a sore thumb, it doesn't suit the album at all and she'd get dragged for having it on the same record as DIC
  13. Why I Went Vegan - Supermodel Jayde Nicole

    Haha if you read a bunch of comments on vegan videos and articles you will find your comment is pretty unoriginal. The meat heads are like drones repeating the same bs argument. For a start animals get fed on plants so by eating meat you kill many more plants than eating them directly. It is just bs coz fruits are gifts and don't involve killing the plant. You can also eat many plants like basil for example when you pluck some leaves it continues growing course that means you should go into gardening and stop supporting industrial agriculture where they kill the plants. Anyway very funny to see the comments like yours from apparently loads of different people like they just repeat what ever bs told them by some clown and think they are so smart and original. As if a meat head cares about plants they are just being spiteful and condescending with such comment but it is good to laugh at how unoriginal they are.
  14. Is she trying to tell us something?? New music?? The return of Sasha?? https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/sweet-dreams-remixes-single/1351253723
  15. TIHTY was supposed to be on Joanne

    I said sonically
  16. Joanne World Tour documentary coming soon

    I mean, she can always release a 2 discs DVD for that. Disc 1 is the full docu and Disc 2 for the full concert, just like what Yoncé did for her Life Is But A Dream, it even give a secret code inside to download a new exclusive song on certain website for limited time!
  17. Oh shush.. What worse is that you're taking this so literal and personal. It's a funny thing that a kid is doing. The fact that you tried to sum up America with this one "10s" video is pathetic and ignorant.
  18. Why I Went Vegan - Supermodel Jayde Nicole

    Yeah becuse plants have brains and a nervous system. Makes total sense. 🙄
  19. Eurovision Song Contest 2018 in Lisbon, Portugal

    Snippets from the last semi-final of Melodifestivalen has been released! Mariettes song sounds great definitely, but I'm not completely convinced that she's the winner based on that minute. Hopefully it will change when we get to hear the full song on Saturday. https://www.svtplay.se/video/17047626/melodifestivalen-2018-lyssna-pa-latarna/melodifestivalen-2018-lyssna-pa-latarna-mariette-for-you?start=auto&tab=2018
  20. Joanne World Tour documentary coming soon

    I wanna see the show not some fAN INTERVIEWSSS IN A DOCUMENTARY
  21. Why I Went Vegan - Supermodel Jayde Nicole

    I can't be vegan because it's just so cruel to the plants. I do occasionally eat salad and potatoes, but I feel bad about it every time
  22. Ain’t know and Anna Wintour are already bops... I’m pulling for her because aside from her toxic Twitter shows, she can actually make good music and her style of rap is very distinct from the other rappers. If she focuses on music this time and not be involved In 3 feuds per week, she might.... might get some success.
  23. Joanne World Tour documentary coming soon

    I would have no problem at all if the documentary would be bonus content for the concert, but if it would cut between the concert and the documentary parts I would probably scream a lot. I want to enjoy without any distractions, it was already enough that my date was canceled twice
  24. Let kids be kids. Ask your own mother how do you act as a little kid back then, probably the same, or even worse. 🙄🙄🙄
  25. Joanne World Tour documentary coming soon

    Keep in mind Natalie’s boyfriend IS a part of the Haus and films the tours. He is the one who made the “Gypsy” video for the artrave.
  26. @OurGagaLegion Leaks Fame Interlude

    Yassss... though i already heard this in hq before
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