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This topic is locked

Started by Hybrid, 30 Jun 2014
Israel - Palestine Conflict Discussion Thread - last post by Twisted Shadows

Started by Morphine Prince, 14 Jul 2014
Ebola Outbreak Discussion - last post by brizoda

Started by hmm, 21 Jul 2014
ISIS Terrorism Discussion - last post by bombshell2nite

Started by Atlas, 02 Aug 2014
Ukraine & Russia Conflict Discussion - last post by VISION
This topic is locked

Started by Kayla, 12 Jan 2012
Celebrity News belongs in the Entertainment section, News updates - last post by Kayla

Started by Morphine Prince, Today, 11:59 AM
Ministers refuse to perform gay weddings, claim they could face jail - last post by Zacharias

Started by Morphine Prince, Yesterday, 05:56 PM
Attack on NYPD officer confirmed an act of terror by Muslim radical - last post by garnite

Started by Aqua2214, 22 Oct 2014
Shots Fired At Parliament Hill - last post by Grizzlybear2

Started by Bellatrix, Yesterday, 08:23 AM
Top 10 most gay-friendly places on the planet - last post by Economy

Started by Morphine Prince, Yesterday, 02:01 PM
Shooting reported at high school north of Seattle - last post by lucia4

Started by Morphine Prince, Yesterday, 06:22 PM
3 California sheriffs' deputies shot, 1 dead, ongoing search in effect - last post by CaliLilMonster

Started by Hans Skeleton, 23 Oct 2014
Lisa Kudrow: Gay Men are Superior - last post by codydraco

Started by Pandora, 19 Oct 2014
I've slept with 1,000 men so far - and I don't care if people judge me - last post by juicyjuicy

Started by SlaeUrAnus, 21 Oct 2014
Gay couple kicked off London bus by driver. Calls them not 'real men' - last post by isobelchoirgirl

Started by lego, 22 Oct 2014
Teenager shot 3 times, two girls(age 5) hit by car-one dies - last post by lego

Started by Hans Skeleton, Yesterday, 11:29 AM
Racist Tour Guide Gives ZERO ****S On Last Day of Work - last post by Zizzagoon9

Started by pink sushi, 22 Oct 2014
Ebola Plush Toys Sell Out Amid Outbreak - last post by Dylan

Started by Morgrim, 22 Oct 2014
Hungary announces taxing of the internet - $0.62 per 1Gb data transfer - last post by Tommymonster44

Started by Spyro, 23 Oct 2014
Reminder: a partial solar eclipse will be seeable in most of N.A. - last post by theMonster5

Started by Economy, 22 Oct 2014
Saudi Arabia To Fight US Oil Boom By Keeping Prices Down! - last post by Economy
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