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Stefani Tee
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Big Brother Pokemon Gen 3 Edition

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Lazz Monster


                                                     BIG BROTHER - POKEMON GEN 3 EDITION (GROUP 1)


Every player chooses a different pokemon from Generation 3 to represent, it can be any pokemon from #252-#386, fully-evolved or not, even legendaries.
In each round a random player is chosen to be HoH (Head of Household) by an RNG (Random Number Generator)
The HoH chooses two pokemon to be up for eviction.
The players vote for which of the two pokemon they want to evict.
The one with the most votes is expelled, the other one is safe in the next round.
Each round will last at most 24h.
If there is a draw, the HoH chooses the one who is going to leave.
The process repeats until there is a clear winner.

Extra Rule: To make this a bit different from other big brothers and more true to the pokemon franchise, when 2 pokemon are up for eviction, if pokemon A has type advantage over pokemon B, pokemon B starts off with one vote because of the disadvantage. (This rule doesn't apply when we reach top 5 though).

                         ***Please participate in this game if you are active at least once in every 24 hours

                      :heart: Please comment below with your pokemon of choice if you'd like to participate :heart:

7. Latios - @CyanLights

Players evicted:

1. Regice - Lion Heart (defeated by Latios)
2. Blaziken - Anastasios (defeated by Salamence)
3. Swablu - NNES (defeated by Banette)
4. Jirachi - DannyRodeck (defeated by Wailord)
5. Flygon - BalmungBard (defeated by Sceptile)
6. Salamence - GayPrideUnicorn (defeated by Milotic)
7. Banette - PerfectGUY (defeated by Wailord)
8. Milotic - Lazz Monster (defeated by Sceptile)
9. Minun - Hades (defeated by Gardevoir)
10. Wailord - TROLLGA (defeated by Latios)
11. Gardevoir - Bloody Grammys (defeated by Latios)
12. Absol - Flippy (3rd place)
13. Sceptile - A Hybrid (2nd place)

Note: My plan is to make a season for each generation, and then after all of them, a season combining them all, if there are enough participants, of course.

Also, thanks to @Phoebe Buffay and @CherryPie for the idea :vegas:

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Whew thank goodness I got here on time:nooo:

Edited by Talenti
Happy Holidays fatties luv u xx stream 8 Days Of Christmas🎁
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Lazz Monster
Bloody Grammys

Gardevoir please


Edited by Bloody Grammys
fate cannot be changed
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12 minutes ago, Talenti said:

Why did you mention me sis?:oprah:


Oops wrong tag sis 

Don't call me sis tho :trollga:

Annoying trash
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