Cheek to Cheek promo photo 7

Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett planning second jazz album

Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett’s new jazz album Cheek to Cheek hasn’t been released yet, but the duo is already planning to put out a follow-up “as soon as possible.”

Tone Bennett told Billboard: “When I told Lady Gaga, I said, ‘If (‘Cheek To Cheek’) goes well, we could do a follow-up with Cole Porter, ‘Red, Hot & Blue.’ She said, ‘Why wait? Let’s do it right away.’ So we’re gonna do two albums in a row with her. We’ll have to try and do that as soon as possible, just as a follow-up for a second album.”

“She’s a sensational jazz singer,” he added. “She’s always tried to tell everybody she really sings good jazz, and this is going to be the first time that people realize she’s quite the singer. They’re going to be fascinated by how well she sings and improvises jazz.”

Cheek to Cheek hits stores on September 23rd. Click here to listen to the latest single from the album, “I Can’t Give You Anything But Love.”