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Watch Lady Gaga And Metallica's Insane Grammy Performance

Watch Lady Gaga And Metallica's Insane Grammy Performance
Photo credit: Getty Images via gagaimages.co

Update: The dress rehearsal for the performance has been uploaded to Lady Gaga's official VEVO channel! Watch below...

Earlier: Lady Gaga has delivered another spectacular Grammy performance. Hot on the heels of her incredible Super Bowl Halftime show, Gaga joined rock legends Metallica at this year's Grammy Awards for a fiery duet on "Moth Into Flame," a single from their latest album.

"You know how the Grammys like to have their duets thing and when it was suggested that Lady Gaga do it we thought, 'That's interesting,'" Metallica's guitarist Kirk Hammett said during the rehearsals. "And when she came down to actually work with the song, it turned out really, really, really well. She was really open and willing to work with different arrangements and see what worked well over the course of the song. She was really great to work with.

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Bassist Robert Trujillo added: "She's got a lot of edge and attitude which is important for what we do. And she actually came to see us play. We did a small show at the Henry Fonda theatre and she saw the whole show, stayed for it. She really enjoyed it, just rocking out. And somehow magically this all started to happen."