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Popjustice: music video for "Applause" may be 17 minutes long


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This was AP a few days ago, the tweet is gone now though, or did they tweet it again?  :confused:


I have no idea, I got this from facebook.

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"And this is how you throw an advantage in the traaaaaa-aaaaaaaaaash"



Fun Fact: The K in KPop stands for "Kate Bush"
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I would love it either way, but I think she needs to make a short and sweet video since she's been gone so long. The GP are fickle and won't wanna watch a 17 minute long video of someone they've gone without for months and months.

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cryza browz

:lmao: :megaflop:


But seriously Gaga knows what shes doing. If she wants to make the video 17 minutes long then she has a good reason for it. (But I hope its not :ohno: )

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