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Album and Hype Stickers Wallpaper

Warhol Killer

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Warhol Killer

I made this for a fan made T-shirt but I think it looks good as a wallpaper as well. I decided to share it with you all! :party:




Feel free to use it if you guys want! :pawsup:

soundophobic polite | soundfanatic dancefight
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Thank you!! I always see your work on Instagram & I adore it - just set these as my PC background & lock screen :fatcat::heart:

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Warhol Killer
55 minutes ago, PauloM said:

@Warhol Killer


Do you have all stickers in png? i wanna print and paste on my cds cases! 

sure. I can PM you them. :)

soundophobic polite | soundfanatic dancefight
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