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Olivia Rodrigo's "drivers license" sets a new record on Spotify

Lady Ava Gaga Max

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she keeps going!

I'm actually invested in the Disney kid drama part of this song now lol 

I want them all to be happy  :enigma:

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I think I'm inside this tight bubble of Gaga content that won't let me see the big deal with "drivers license"


Anyway congrats girl!

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Lady Ava Gaga Max
5 minutes ago, RudraCNG said:

They have to add "non-holiday song" due to Mariah :billie:

and Wham!

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Basic song, basic artist. I don't understand the hype, but congrats.

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Malibu Gaga

The song is getting kind of annoying now but wow, that's amazing. I hope she delivers on her first debut album since she has the whole world looking now

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It is a good song. Reminds me of Lorde. I am also intrigued on the success of this song...but i like that random songs just go in and go hard. It also helped i think that she is a fan of Taylor, so it spread like wildfire.

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