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Artist Arena: Absurd

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A Hybrid


Greetings Arena Players,

Gods of musical desire, sons of Apollo

Lay back, and feast as this game guides you through songs with new and exciting meanings!


1.  Comment below with an artist you want to play with. It can be any artist you like as long as: it has not been claimed by someone else, and they have released at least two albums or at least twenty songs.

2.  Wait for the theme of the round to be released and then choose a song by your artist that you think suits that theme best. DM me that song along with an explanation on why you think the song fits the theme! Your explanation should be brief, the upper limit is 50 words, though I'd recommend a sentence or two at most.

3.  When the list of all songs for the round is released, rate all of them from 1 to 10 based on how well they suit the theme. Do not give any portion of your score based on personal enjoyment! PM your rates to me.

4.  The game will consist of 6 rounds. After each round, three worst performing players will be eliminated. The final round will have 5 players and the one with the highest score will win the game.


- You can't pick Lady Gaga.

- I will only allow 20 players. Whoever's the first 20 to comment the artists they want to play with, those will be our 20 players. If I react ''Like'' to your post mentioning your artist, understand that I've acknowledged you and will add you to the player list on the OP. 

- Once you submit a song, you can't use it again. Though you'll only be able to submit 6 songs out of an artist's entire discography, so I don't think this will be a problem. It's more of a way to make the game more interesting when listening to the songs rather than a way to limit your choices.

- If you win a round, you are immune for the next round, though this does not apply for the finale.

- I will also rate the songs but won't have a higher effect than the players. 

- You can also submit covers, duets, remixes and songs your artist is featured on. It just has to have your artist's name somewhere on it!


This is a chaotic game of AA where your songs surely won’t fit the categories! Fun, right? Don’t worry, neither will anyone else’s. It’s not an indication of your artist’s versatility in any way. Neither is it an indication of whose artist is better. Though someone will win and that will be whoever manages to get the best ranks.

So how are you supposed to get good ranks if your songs won't fit the themes and quality won't be a determining factor?

You have to submit a song, I won’t tolerate any rebellions against the themes, because if I did then I’d have to tolerate 20 of them. Your song’s score will be given according to how well it fits the theme -even if it doesn’t. I don’t want to spoil the themes, but I will say that as opposed to themes about the song's style and quality on various fields, these will create a scenario where you'd have to fit in a song. I’ll answer any question once the first theme is announced.

Another thing you have to do this game in order to get scores is explain yourself by sending me your short interpretations of the theme and how your song fits. Like I said, none of the songs will fit the category 100%, but you can explain why your song does by being creative and talking about how its lyrics can be interpreted differently for example! Your imagination is your limit.


For veteran AA players who'd like to have a short summary of what's different compared to AA3:

- Categories will be absurd, almost impossible to fit a song to and context based. 

- You won't give any portion of your score based on how much you enjoyed the song, just theme fitness, as theme fitness will be subjective enough this game.

- You'll have to write a sentence or two explaining why you think your song fits along with your song choice. I will post your explanations when I announce the songs.

- The game will be shorter with 6 rounds and 20 players, the elimination process will work as it did in AA1/AA2, except 3 players each round.

- Covers and songs where your artist is featured are allowed. 


This game is done with the permission of Mikolaj and it is not connected with the rest of the AA series, you can think of it as a side game to AA to have fun and take a break from the tough and exciting competition of AA :woohoo: I'm also using it to make the wait for AA4 more bearable :selena:

Players (23/20)

@Mikolaj - MARINA

@DiamondKing - Ariana Grande

@Animal Claws - Michael Jackson

@Marges - Taylor Swift

@dllcll - ZAYN

@Mirages - Mariah Carey

@Jose P - Madonna

@Davian - Christina Aguilera

@Nuggets - Katy Perry

@Florian - Todrick Hall

@Ryusei - Lana Del Rey

@Bloody Grammys - Lorde

@Sechito - Melanie Martinez

@Varys - The Black Eyed Peas

@loathereality - Esperanza Spalding

@SamanthaC - Backstreet Boys

@HighRoad - Kesha

@Talenti - Kimbra

@Gimme More - Britney Spears

@Musicisfreedom - Cher

@Ally Campana - Halsey

@Antonio - Kylie Minogue


Game History:



Edited by A Hybrid
No family’s safe when I sashay
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A Hybrid

To join, simply comment you'll join and tell the artist you choose :woohoo:

No family’s safe when I sashay


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Animal Claws

Michael Jackson

Don't cry, don't scream. Lift your head, move on, because you're on The Edge Of Glory ❤️
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