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Stefani Tee
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The Fame (HMV Store Rework) + Booklet

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so i've mentioned this in my last topic, which i tried to upload this project along with the HitMixes and Cherrytree ep's but my internet didn't seem like it was going to let me do it.
i've created this new 'deluxe' edition for the fame, including a slipcase (the hmv store original version is a slipcase too yes, but the jewel case album is the same as the others) and bonus tracks: Fashion, Vanity, Fooled Me Again and Christmas Tree. There is a sticker too!

and i had a lot of work trying to recrate the whole the fame booklet without repeating the cover photo, but i think i did it fine. 





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Oh hell yeah! Came in here not expecting much but that is awesome. I'd buy that instantly, honestly. That cover matches the personality of that album perfectly :flutter:

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Reject False Icons

You lucky europeans get limited versions of physical media :grr:


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