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Music Wars Empire

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I am an admin and social media manager for the Music Wars series. 

How would you like to win a great prize?

We have:

2x Copies of Music Wars Empire: FM (Exc. Main Game)
2x Copies of Music Wars Empire (Main Game)


2 Lucky winners will receive access* to the Music Wars: ROCKSTAR and Music Wars Empire 2.0 experience before anyone else!

*Access to Music Wars: ROCKSTAR and Empire 2.0 will be given once it is ready and deemed ready by Antuan or his team. You will receive the code/instructions in your DMs when the game is launched in its testing phase.

Visit http://bit.ly/MusicWarsCompetition and sign up to the game forum and follow the instructions to win!


+ Talent scouting process allows you to form your own bands
+ Digital downloads impact the charts
+ Release music videos to promote your record releases
+ Release options include: DVDs, live albums, and Eps
+ Features Latin America as a new territory
+ Hundreds of all new bands, artists and record labels!
+ Realistic record sales across seven locations influenced by population, economic, and seasonal trends
+ In-game editor to mod your own music universe
+ Downloads mods featuring real-world artists
+ Executive control over your band’s writing process- choose the writers, producers, theme, and more

Music Wars Empire allows players to create and manage their own record label by giving them the opportunity to both manage the financial state of their company, as well as managing aspects of the artists, signed to their label. The in-depth gameplay allows the user to track all aspects of the career of an artist as they take them from unknown talent to global superstar while catapulting their label to the top of the music industry.

Each label can have a particular characteristic, a mission and an own goal different from the others. Some, for example, prefer amount of artists than the quality itself, others have not necessarily looking for commercial talent, and there are certain businesses that close in a few styles rather than admit promising musicians of any genre.

At the beginning of the game you set your name and choose whether to mount a label from scratch, with its own investment and need to seek out and invest in artists "unsigned", or take full control of a company already in progress, with its reputation at stake. There will be several different options, working in different countries, with different focuses and styles. You're the boss!

'Live for what you create and die protecting it' Favourite Gaga Quote!


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