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Wanting Gaga At the VMAs...

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Is like wanting her to show up at the Teen Choice Awards...

Or the Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards...

Or the Radio Disney Awards.

It would be nice to see her on the red carpet and get some nice outfits but the relevancy and credibility of these awards has dwindled in recent years.

The VMAs were always able to get the top A-list superstars to show up and perform. Now they are inundated with YouTube "celebrities", C-listers, and people who the GP doesn't really know about. 

Without the star force behind them, the VMAs have become a former shadow of itself. On the stage (and red carpet) that created many risky, iconic and talked about performances and moments, it has now become the stage where today's "top" artists play it safe.

Gaga could easily blow everyone away with any performance, but in the current state of the VMAs, and the younger audience who they are trying to target, does it really make sense for Gaga to waste her time on this fading awards show?



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M Monstre

I mean, sure they have newer artists, but a ton of "A-list" artists still do the VMAs, whether they're performing or not. 

The bigger problem here is that people need to stop anticipating something when nothing was going to happen in the first place. People put it upon themselves when they complain about Gaga not showing up and using her for ratings. If y'all are going to complain about them using her, then just don't watch it! It's the same people that complain about them using her, but also complain about her not showing up. People also knock the VMAs in general, yet there are still threads about them, like make up your mind.

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Actually I thought about this before. I do think that the VMAs have been inviting too many C-list and B-list artists like Fifth Harmony, Post Malone, Camilla Cabello, Shawn Mendes, Logic (Camilla even won a Video of the Year over huge artists like The Carters, Bruno Mars and Ariana Grande which is ridiculous) 

These artists have done nothing groundbreaking in their entire career. They don't put much thought into their performances, there's no theatricality to their artistry and it's really killing people's interests in live performances.

I'm not saying the VMAs shouldn't invite new artists, but maybe a few would be enough whereas nowadays VMAs seem to focus ONLY on new artists (those are that are charting) whereas the established names who can actually perform are neglected.

If you want to forget something, maybe sitting around and remembering it in every detail ain't the right way.
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