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Create the worst possible gaga setlist

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2 minutes ago, ProfessionalClown said:

15. Sour Candy (Ft Skittles Connoisseur 6ix9ine) (Extra Sour Remix) 

Can't believe we're finally getting Chromatica performances :bradley:

Large swarms of flies kept following me around, and I truly began to believe that she had sent them.
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1. Aura  2. Venus  3. G.U.Y.  4. Sexxx Dreams  5. Jewels n Drugs  6. MANiCURE  7. Do What U Want  8. ARTPOP  9. Swine  10. Donatella  11. Fashion!

Hi I’m quarantined with cov*d bored out of my head so I had this idea for a game 3 rules: 1. can’t repeat a song 2. can’t be less than 15 songs 3. can only include up to 1 non-gaga

the day she sings Joanne and immediately follows it with Diggin My Grave   

Just now, RenegAde said:

This would actually slap :music:

Honestly princess die and then WWYDT would get me crying while poppin my a$$

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1.Text You Pictures

2.Before I Cry

3.Stuck On ****in You


5.Cake (Like Lady Gaga)

6.1000 Doves (Planningtorock Remix)

7.Til It Happens To You

8.Do What U Want (Feat. R Kelly)

9.Jewels & Drugs (Feat. T.I.)

10.Fun Tonight (Pabllo Vittar Remix)


ik it’s shorter than 15 but the 11 songs says it all

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1. Cake Like Lady Gaga/Til It Happens To You (dance break including Dianne Warren)

2. Jewels N Drugs (with Miss Piggy and 6ix9ine)

3. Christmas Tree / Winter Wonderland (with Tony Bennett)

4. Again Again

5. Fun Tonight (with special appearance from Christian Carino)

6. Million Reasons (but Gaga only sings "you're giving me a million reasons" part on rotation for 5 mins)

7. Do What U Want (Kids Bop Version) 

8. Donatella (performed as Patrizia Reggiani shooing a fake dummy halfway through)

9. Swine (played backwards as Gaga vomits on meet and greet fans)

10. Fun Tonight (Pabllo Vittar Remix)

11. Come To Mama (including Kelly Clarkson, Lizzo, Jennifer Hudson, Mariah, Ariana all belting at once)

12. Money Honey (Nightcore Remix ft. Ed Sheeran)

13. Before I Cry 

14. Hey Girl (19 minute Extended Version)

Encore: "there could be 100 people in the room" (Trap Remix interlude) 

15. Born This Way / Express Yourself (with Madonna, Perez Hilton, Xtina, Katy Perry & Donald Trump)

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4 hours ago, qoqo said:

3. Do What U Want (with R. Kelly through Zoom)

I just imagined R Kelly in his prison cell performing

the office laughing GIF

Al Pacino's Wife
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1. Text You Pictures

2. Eh Eh (Nothing Else I Can Say)

3. Take You Out

4. Till It Happens To You

5. Red Flame (feat. Azealia Banks)

6. Grigio Girls (Extended Version)

7. I Get A Kick Out Of You

8. Heal Me

9. Hair, Body, Face

10. Million Reasons

11. Dance Monkey (10 Minute Extended Mix)

12. Angel Down

13. Do What U Want

14. The Cure

15. Princess Die (Dance Remix)


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1. Til It Happens To You
2. Dope (yeah putting Gaga's 2 most depressing tracks as the openers :giggle:)
3. Jewels & Drugs
4. Why Did You Do That?
5. Stuck On Fkin You
6. Marry The Night (Zedd remix) (bcs LMs want Gaga to perform the studio version of MTN since years and performing a remix would be such a big fk you to us lol)
7. 3-Way (Golden rule ft JT & Gagz)
8. The Queen (but without the outro which is the best part of the song)
9. Alice (LSDXOXO Remix)
10. Born This Way (country road version)
11. Stupid Love
12. A-YO
13. Bad Romance (trap version)
14. We Could Be Lovers
15. Smile (Katy Perry cover)

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3 hours ago, NeonSkeleton said:

1. Chromatica III
2. Chromatica I
3. Chromatica II
4. La Vie en Rose
5. California Gurls (Katy Perry cover) - duet with Ava Max
6. Big Girl Now (New Kids on the Block ft. Lady Gaga cover) (they wouldn't let New Kids on the Block into the country, poor thing, so only Lady Gaga's lines are sung and the rest of the song is just uncomfortable silence broken only by the ticking of a metronome)

Interlude: Gaga reads her viral tweet 'what's fortnight'
Interlude: Supercut of Lady Gaga mentioning that she is Italian
7. Mambo Italiano (contains elements of Til It Happens to You)
8. Dancin' in Circles/Joanne mashup (no effort is made to match the songs' tempos or keys)
Tony Bennett climbs onto the mechanical bull
9. Swine / Love for Sale mashup (duet with Tony Bennett. Tony Bennett rides around on the mechanical bull but is not permitted to sing)
10. 3-Way (The Golden Rule) (The Lonely Island ft. Justin Timberlake and Lady Gaga cover) - duet with Celine Dion

Interlude: Dinner ft. Adele (Adele comes on stage and she and Gaga consume a meat feast pizza Lady and the Tramp style)
Interlude: Asia, Gustav and Koji Acrobatics Routine
Interlude: Welcome To Singapore (Shopping, Clubbing, Nightlife, Food, Hanging Out)
11. Fun Tonight (screamed directly into the ear canal of a fan chosen at random)
12. Rain on Me (duet with Colby O'Donis)
13. Chromatica IV (Gaga improvises this piece on the spot)

Interlude: Gaga reads out her 80 page biography of Patricia Gucci
14. Chromatica but every time Gaga says 'I/I'm' it skips to the next song (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O6m2_UTjtd8)

Interlude: Gaga reads her 80 page biography of Patricia Gucci but silently this time - all we hear is the occasional turning of a page
Interlude: Poker Face (calypso remix)
Interlude: Haus Labs product demonstration by Madonna
15. Shallow (performed by London Underground chanteuse Charlotte Awbery)
16. Lady Gaga appears wearing a straitjacket and climbs into a water tank, she performs Dance in the Dark, Poker Face, Scheiße and Replay whilst performing an escapology act. Sadly, she isn't allowed to wear a microphone underwater, so we hear none of this.
17. Express Yourself (Madonna cover)
18. Sophisticated Lady (Gaga invites little monsters on stage and they uncomfortably dance)

Interlude: Gaga re-enacts her entry for the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge :icega:

19. Heavy Metal Lover (performed on a tricycle)*
20. Poker Face but every other beat is missing (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HmRe1RYuWWI)

Lady Gaga and her team are evicted by the cops for failing to get the appropriate permits to perform in Madonna's back yard.


*Heavy Metal Lover demonstration:


I LOST it multiple times

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1. Scene 98 (Intro)

2. Text You Pictures

3. Trust Me (Dialogue)

4. Jewels N' Drugs (feat. T.I., Too $hort, Twista & Bradley Cooper)

5. Digging My Grave

6. Joanne (feat. RuPaul)

7. Why Did You Do That? (feat. Tony Bennett)

8. Stache

9. Cake Like Lady Gaga

10. I'll Never Love Again (feat. CupCakke)

11. Red Flame (feat. Azealia Banks)

12. Chromatica II

13. Sinner's Prayer

14. 1000 Doves (Burned Chicken Remix)

15. Paper Gangsta (feat. Elton John)

16. Million Reasons

17. Million Reasons (feat. CupCakke (Reprise)

18. Sometimes ("Eh Eh" Demo)

19. Chromatica III

20. Ratchet (feat. Azealia Banks)

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0. Chromatica 2
1. Express Yourself (cover)

2. Alice (LSDXOXO Remix)

3. Stupid Love (COUCOU CHLOE Remix)

4. Rain on Me (With Ariana Grande) (Arca Remix)

5. Fun Tonight (Pabllo Vittar Remix)

6. 911 (Charli XCX & A. G. Cook Remix)

7. Plastic Doll (Ashnikko Remix)

8. Sour Candy (With BLACKPINK) (Shygirl & Mura Masa Remix)

9. Enigma (Doss Remix)

10. Replay (Dorian Electra Remix)

11. Sine From Above (with Elton John) (Chester Lockhart, Mood Killer & Lil Texas Remix)

12. 1000 Doves (Planningtorock Remix)

13. Babylon (Bree Runway & Jimmy Edgar Remix)

14. Jewels N Drugs (ft. Elmo)

Listen to my debut pop single 'Want You Bad'! (link on Insta)
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Fuck You Pop Music

chromRAVE (Chromatica/ARTPOP Act II Tour)

Act I

1. TEA (only the JWT intro)

2. Text U Pics

3. Jewels N Drugs

4. Cake Like Lady Gaga

5. Do What U Want / Till It Happens To You

Act II

2. Red Flame (tagged leaked version feat. Azealia Banks)

3. Why Did You Do That

4. Stupid Love

5. Sine From Above (DoC Remix)


1. Chromatica II (Zedd Remix with the Fck U Pop Music outro)

2. Swine 

3. The Queen

4. Million Reasons

5. Eh Eh 

Act IV

1. Bang Bang (Chromatica Remix)

2. Sweet But Psycho (Ava Max Cover)

3. Dope

4. Bad Romance/Just Dance/Born This Way/Rain On Me (Medley)

5. Shallow (feat. Tony Bennet)


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Disco Party

1) Disco Heaven   
2) Retro Dance Freak
3) MANiCURE (I’m gonna have s*x for sure remix)

After party headache 

4) Swine (1000 guitars remix aka SXSW version)   
5) So Happy I Could Die (Acapella)    
6) Sine From Above (Chester Lockhart, Mood Killer, and Lil Texas remix)       
7) Judas (Goldfrapp remix) 

Chromatica vs ARTPOP

8) Alice / Donatella (The names remix) (With elements of Monster, Alejandro and Dance In The Dark)    
9) 911 / Dope   
10) Free Woman / Gypsy 

Madonna who?

11) Express Yourself / Born This Way (With elements of I Wanna Dance With Somebody) 
12) Babylon / Vogue   
13) Judas / Like A Prayer / Act Of Contrition

The Hits (We love the GP)

14) Christmas Tree (All I Want For Christmas Is You remix featuring Mariah Carey’s vocals from 2014 Rockefeller performance)    
15) Eh, Eh (Nothing Else I Can Say)   
16) Text You Pictures (10 minutes version) 


17) Million Reasons (Andrelli Remix)   
18) Joanne   
19) Chillin’ (Let the crowd sing aka cricket remix)

When we're not together tell me everything's gonna be alright
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This is the recipe:

A ballad song from ASIB then an EDM dance pop song then a ballad song and keep going on.

You make a bad setlist with all good songs from Gaga.

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