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Florence's Ceremonials turns 10!


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Florence + The Machine's second studio album, Ceremonials, was released 10 years ago today! What are your favorite tracks from this iconic album? 




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Spectrum is the song that turned me into a stan. I will always remember watching that video for the first time the day it came out. This is my second favorite album from F+TM (HBHBHB is my #1) but honestly I believe is their most cohesive and overall the best one.

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I was just coming to make this thread :gaycat:

Ceremonials is one of the greatest albums of all time. It's a remarkable, haunting, work of art that just gets better over time. Funnily enough, I had just gotten into the band over the summer of 2011 after my college roommate introduced me to their music. I spent that whole summer diving into Lungs and thinking, "damn this band is great." Fast forward to August with the release of WTWGM and I was transfixed. It was such a mellow tune to hear in the middle of summer. But the real treat came with the release of Shake it Out. I came back from class, saw the song had dropped, and hit play. By the time the 5 minutes was over, I was in tears. The video is probably one of my favorite of all time and to this day, I still cry whenever I hear it. I really cannot pick a favorite track, they're all fantastic. Spectrum is probably a close second to Shake it Out. The tour was the first time I saw them live and I've saw them on each tour since. I can't believe it's been 10 years. What a magical time. 

You remind me that it's such a wonderful thing to love.
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