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Gags heads back to Vegas


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Oh, piss off. She's worked for her money and can do whatever the hell she pleases, real or not. It's a nod to Vegas, anyway. Turning into one of the worst fanbases with each day passing by. 

…what’s the point of being worth almost $400mil if you can’t have a little fun. Everything always has to be so ridiculously calculated for you guys to be happy. She posts a picture with a money scarf,

I dont see anything wrong with the pic. U guys need some air or sth.

The fact that those are fake bills and you can recreate that with a sewing needle, fishing line, and half a ream of paper... 

If anyone's going to be pressed about the exploitation of wealth, she's flying private and is holding a bag worth more than my existence. :laughga: 

ANYWAYs, I love the look. It's so Vegas. :flutter:

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Nobody would have a problem if the scarf costed actually that much moneh, but if it is out of money that’s a problem.

only problem I have with this is that it looks very hip-hop / rap culture (brag with your money vibe) which is not in line with her music and style.

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11 hours ago, dit said:

girl i dont know NOTHING about bags but is that fckin BIRKIN? :deadbanana: that's like money MONEY honey...damn!

(is u single) :selena: 

That one’s a Kelly, it was created in the 30s while Birkins are much more recent. And yes I’m single, I guess you can’t have it all :selena:

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