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Is Chromatica Ball happening in NJ?

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I hesitated on tickets but I told my parents I planned on going and now they wanna go too (they’ve never seen her and my mom loves Gaga). They want to buy tickets tomorrow for 6 of us but if it’s cancelled last minute I feel like we would never see Gaga as a family.

Like previous concerts my dad wouldn’t care to go so my mom didn’t wanna go either (they do everything together). But I think because of the pandemic they wanna see a show so bad and this is one of the few technically going on.

Is she going to cancel the tour? I just don’t wanna get excited to go and it be cancelled weeks prior.


(initially I was just gonna go with my boyfriends female Roomate. My boyfriend doesn’t like Gaga. Then my sis wanted to go, and her boyfriend wants go go too. So then my parents wanna go after hearing we all wanna go)

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I think you would be reimbursed for tickets if it was cancelled, so I don’t think it would hurt to buy those. Accommodations & flights (if necessary) should be purchased at a later date.But if there’s a flexible cancelation policy I don’t see why it would hurt!

I plan to be vaccinated by my date, so I’m going to buy tickets soon and then worry about flights closer to the date (yes they may be more expensive by then, but I’ve missed Artrave, Joanne, Gaga Coachella, Enigma, surprise Coachella, all by unforeseen circumstances so I am determined this time!)

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13 minutes ago, Phlop said:

Is she going to cancel the tour?


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I’m assuming you’re from the area, so even if she ends up canceling you will be getting your refund. 
No one knows if this is still happening though so you may as well wait cause there’s a lot of tickets left. 

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