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Gaga: "Check in with your emotions and validate them" #BeKind21 Day 14


My emotions have been going off lately Gaga. It's coming down on me. I am high-strung and exhausted, can't catch a break. I come here to relax a bit and to laugh, really. It's hard times. Thank You Gaga, for this sudden inescapable message. I probably needed it.:wub::heart:

Need to meditate.

If I could have any job in the world I'd be a professional Cinderella~
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What a lovely little kindness devotional from Gaga, there is nothing wrong with emotions, but we have minds think of why we feel the way we do and to improve our well being.

A healthy mind leads to a health grasp of handling stress and emotions which in turn is better for the body by lessening cortisol in the blood.

Misery when "all I wanted was love."
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