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Federal Elections - Switzerland


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18 hours ago, Economy said:

We dont have a President :selena:

Oh... Well... I thought... Trudeau... welp


2 minutes ago, Rolu said:

Well now that the whole thing is over, I'm very happy how it turned out. I live for the gains of the green parties. Can't wait to see where this will go...  :firega:

Also, SVP/UDC and SP/PS have both lost a lot which is amazing and really deserved after the stuff they've been doing the past few months and years. They really had it coming :reductive:

What has the PS done wrong? I actually live for them :selena:

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30 minutes ago, MrBlue said:

What has the PS done wrong? I actually live for them :selena:

For me personally they just don't propose actual possible solutions anymore. I voted for them a few years ago but their recent actions, especially the identity politics they're doing right now, have turned me away for good.

In lots of discussions about important topics they didn't propose any actual solutions for things like relations to EU, AHV or climate change.  They've also disrupted sessions in meetings of Kantonsräten for example. They boycotted several proposals because they were brought up by SVP or other opponents. In the most recent debates, Levrat did nothing but whine about issues and about how the past legislature was owned by the right. No solutions to problems, only pointing the finger at others. 

They also openly support several very problematic persons  (looking at you ex-leader of JUSO that has now been elected to Nationalrat) and groups (e.g. the whole Reithalle story) 

They currently also don't support the Rahmenabkommen, which is absolutely needed to contine our relations with the EU. 

There are lots of ther points to this, but these were the ones that turned me away. I now support GLP, I agree fully with their program and they actually propose solutions to our problems. BTW, they also were the ones that initiated the parliamentary initiative for Ehe für Alle (marriage equality) :trollga:

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