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Animal Claws
Just now, Enzo said:

Those wikis can be edited by everyone tho ksksk 

Funny how they never mention when did the Gaga demo leak :vegas:

Also, the "duet" version in that page contains Gaga's final vocals :poot:

And Britney's vocals from her demo lol

And this doesn't make sense "It was rumoured that Spears traded the song for "Quicksand", originally recorded by Gaga. " because she wrote the song for Britney ksksg

Gaga recorded her own version of Quicksand, there's a demo snippet

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jacs vs looser
4 hours ago, Animal Claws said:

There's no confirmation that it's fanmade, sorry

You can find the duet version in the own BritneyThe  Wikia. It's 100% true

Just to prove a point, I logged onto wikia and changed the article, so you can see how anyone can modify them.

Now, regarding how "clean" Britney sounds on the second version, it could've been cleaned and edited from the demo or someone with access to the recording session stems made the new mix, using Britney's already recorded vocals and Gaga's. This is something that has already happened in the past with Britney herself, (has also happened with Gaga and The Greatest Thing) when the producers of Dramatic mixed her version of the song with that of Heidi Montag just for fun, so it is possible. Another possible explanation would be that they mixed it to send to Britney so her team could see what the song would sound like were Britney to accept doing the duet.

Whichever happened, seriously, there is no way that Gaga re-recorded the song with Britney, even if you wish to ignore everything I explained before, consider this: the quality of Gaga's voice recording is much, much sharper and better quality than Britney's, had they ever recorded together, it would sound homogeneous given how microphones are set up in professional studios.

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6 hours ago, Gimme More said:

Gaga originally wrote it for Britney (from what i remembered) for Circus but Britney gave it back after she recorded the demo (which leaked - the one above)

I love Gaga's version.

I think her team didn't want it because there was already a song called "Phonography". I saw it on a Britney video.

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Quicksand really is THAT song.  I hope Gaga releases it some day. It was also nice revisiting some songs that really made part of my teen years, like Sugarfall, Outta this World, Baby Boy, etc.

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18 hours ago, Gimme More said:

they are songs that leaked years ago and are already on youtube!

but amazing songs either way:firega: at least more people here can discover them :)

Weren't they available on iTunes or downloads for the online versions? I know the deluxe had a few bonus tracks.

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15 hours ago, Gimme More said:

it is flawless!

is it really the first time you heard britney's version of it?!

Oh no, I've always loved this song, it's a shame it's not in the standard album :(

Pink flamingos always fascinated me.
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