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Regular GA experiences and/or photos?

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Hi everyone!

I'm curious about Regular GA (I don't have Early Entry) and what the process is like for finding the line - when the hotel allows you to line up - etc?  I get so nervous with the 'mad rush' when the door is opened so I'm trying to figure out what to expect!  

If my friend isn't flying in until about 5:00pm, would it be possible for her to join me in the 'waiting' line before doors open?  

I've read the suggestions to stand to the right when facing the stage.  I'm short (5'1") and probably won't be wearing heels for comfort reasons --- anyone else on the shorter side and experienced GA?  Without early entry I probably cannot get a front spot, right?  I wonder if I could see more if I stood near the back of the floor, without someone directly in front of me.  Or should I try to be just 1-2 people back from the stage?

Thanks for any thoughts!

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I am short too and I think I’ve planned for regular GA nights to be at the back of the GA. If there’s a spot by the catwalk, great, but I’m not too worried. There may still be barricade left after the EE people but idk 


i havent experienced it yet but I will add more after my friends let me know 


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