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Paparazzi/Telephone Continuation...


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This may have already been discussed before, so if I'm late to the game, sorry Charlie...

Do you think, while the John Wayne video was continuation of the Million Reasons video, it was also the finale of the Paparazzi/Telephone trilogy?

It was directed by Jonas Akerlund,


follows the same kind of action/criminal storyline,


and finishes the video with a "The End," possibly in response to the "To be continued" at the end of Telephone?


Thought? Opinions? And if ya'll have already covered this, be nice!


btw this video is EVERYTHING and more

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I think if it were, she would have ended it with something like

THERE ARE YOU HAPPY!?!?!?!  :grr:

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Nah, I think it's just the MR continuation

I still believe Aura was meant to close the Paparazzi trilogy

Life has a hopeful undertone |-/
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Aura theme and lyrics would be the best song to take the role of the Paparazzi storyline. 

Joanne has a separate storyline:

PI - MR - JW - Joanne WDYTYG

*This time around I respect that she did a whole story on Joanne and didn’t leave it incomplete. 

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Space Cowboy

I'll be surprised if the next part is released. Its was written and planned out according to an interview during the applause era.

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Actually Perfect Illusion could be the continuation. At the end of Telephone she's riding into the desert and that's where PI starts. Where did Beyonce go and why is the *** Wagon a normal car now? Well... it was just a perfect illusion :trollga:



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I don't think Aura was the collab. I mean she never confirmed it and the lyrics could've just been lyrics. Like Telephone had nothing to with Paparazzi, but the videos matched. If she wanted something from ARTPOP to be the next part, it could've been Jewels N Drugs. :huntyga:


But, No, I don't think so, I feel Gaga wanted Beyonce in the next part. 

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