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ENIGMA - album cover concept by me

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It's a photo montage with some digitally drawn elements 

I made her brunette because we deserve a BrunetteGa album cover :tony: and I went for a very colourful aesthetic because she doesn't have that many colourful covers and I would love one very bright and fun like this one

Inspirations: The outfit and the mask are supposed to be made of reflective plastic but I think my final design is a bit messy and doesn't really seem realistic. The mask is inspired by Philip Tracy and specifically by the mask Gaga wears at the JWT during Bloody Mary. I tried to shape it like a question mark to represent the mystery but that didn't really work imo (I mean it doesn't really look like a question mark). The outfit is inspired by Iris Van Herpen "water" runway and I imagined it being shaped around gaga's torso as a sort of corset... 


Raja (from RPDR) wore a similar design made by herself on one episode of Fashion Photo Ruview and I used it as a reference as well (if you want to actually visualize how the corset is supposed to move)


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Lonely Lolita

Can I plz have my wig back?

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This looks so good! :tony:

And I would be here for a cover with her brunette cover, I always loved her with it :diane:

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This is amazing! I'd love a cover like this :flutter:

Born This Way Ball - 20/6/12 | artRAVE: The ARTPOP Ball - 30/8/14 | LA To The Moon Tour - 2/4/2018
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