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Super Star Idle

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Hey everyone i want to officially announce the Project SuperStar Idle.. 


This will be a fun Incremental game available on Android and IOS.. The first release will be android only until i get the revenue to get an IOS license. 

What is an Idle Game check this out. 


Instead of businesses to unlock like lemon stands it will be performance locations.. Such as dive bars, local music festivals, all the way up to Global Stadiums

Unlocks and upgrades will come in the form of managers and award ceremonies. 

When starting the game you will choose your name, your stage name, create your label, or join one already created by others. There are allot of possibilities!! And i would love to have GGD contribute great ideas to add to the list of possibilities. This is going to be a fun game to play and will maybe even export to Web app so it can be played right in a browser! 


What do you say good idea?

This isnt vaporware lol.. I have experience and can get it done.. 10+ Years Computer programming so this isnt a waste of time if anyone is interested <3 Comment below if your interested or have ideas, and please Tag your Friends.. Who will be on top and be the next GaGa?




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I play like 15 idle games so I'll definitely play :laughga: oh my God I have a problem

Poor is the man who's pleasure, depends on the permission of another... Probably banned for foul language.


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It would be fun to select which genres you want to perform and try to put together songs through some mechanic that you get to see how the digital world reacts too. Would also be fun to hook up with other players and make duets to really steal some digital wigs.


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It would be cute if there was like a chart for songs people make, and the higher the position, the more money you earn. I am definitely looking towards this!

/\/\ /\ Y /\


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