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Super Bowl 2017: Prop bets for Lady Gaga's halftime show

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Super Bowl LI is set for Sunday Feb. 5 in Houston between the Atlanta Falcons and New England Patriots and as always there are several prop bets not only for the game but also Fox's broadcast featuring Joe Buck and Troy Aikman as well as Lady Gaga's halftime show

It's that time of year when everything from the coin toss to the songs in Lady Gaga's halftime set can be wagered on. Here's an early look at this year's prop bets, courtesy of BookMaker.EU:

Lady Gaga's hair color during halftime show

Blonde/Yellow -170
Brown +200
Green +1000
Pink +1500
White +1500
Blue +1500
Purple +2000
Orange +2000

Which song will Lady Gaga sing first during the halftime show?

Bad Romance -115
Born This Way +800
The Edge of Glory +900
Just Dance +1100
Applause +2000
Poker Face +2500
Paparazzi +3000
Field - Any Other Song +165

Will Lady Gaga be shown on the NRG Stadium roof during the halftime show?

Yes +260
No -375

Will Lady Gaga have a wardrobe malfunction? (Must expose intimate part of body)

Yes +1500
No -5000

Will Lady Gaga say "Trump" at any time during the Super Bowl halftime show?

Yes -140
No +110




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Will Lady Gaga snatch everyone's weave?

Yes -100,000

No + 400

Go play Super Smash Bros. Melee


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All this pre-promo. I live! :firega:

*muffled Jewels N' Drugs in the background*


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Loving the addition of her possibly spitting Trump LMAO

3 points in and ready for more


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Gaga is not going to say "Trump" at the superbowl :smh: She might make a sort of political statement with her performance (I say might, I assume she is going to perform Born This Way which is a political statement in itself) but I doubt she is going to actually say anything directly about Trump.

Other than that my predictions would be:

Blonde/Yellow hair
Bad Romance
No (She won't be on the roof, I'll assume that's a rumor)
No (She won't have a wardrobe malfunction that must expose an intimate body part - Brandon will use his "*** glue" like SNL)


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If she mentions Trump it'll be the death. So i'd vote NO, just out of hope.

Definitely blonde hair.

and Paparazzi isn't happening.


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I'm not familiar with this betting stuff - what's better, + or - ? :oprah: 

It just felt so *bang bang* good *bang bang* good


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Will Little Monsters pass more time to criticize gaga than appreciate work ?

Yes +10000

No  -4000

Still searching justice for Government Hooker


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