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Metacritic: FROOT | 76


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98 - Sputnikmusic

Blending the light touch of her backing band with selectively applied electronic elements, Marina gives a more refined take on songs that in her past might have been layered in obtrusive electropop production or overwhelming string arrangements.

91 - Entertainment Weekly

The change highlights her brightest facet--that limber voice, which swings from voluptuous alto to fluttering soprano in one swoop. But there’s good fun in Froot, too.

90 -The Line of Best Fit

It’s one of the most complex pop albums of recent years, and like any great steamroller mind, she can’t quite contain herself.

80 - Spin

After closing the door on her Electra Heart era, Marina Diamandis knew she needed to reinvent her persona. Froot achieves just that, adeptly flirting with chart sugar on the title track and “Better Than That” but more often than not, digging her heels into raw, nail-biting reality.

80 - Drowned In Sound

With the pop landscape becoming increasingly homogeneous, more artists need to experiment, and the variety displayed across Froot's 12 tracks is impressive.

80 - Q Magazine

It's the explosion in Diamandis's songwriting that's most noticeable here.

80 - All Music Guide

Ultimately, with Froot, Diamandis has crafted an arch, swaggeringly impressive album that balances its pop sweetness with a deep-rooted maturity.

80 - DIY Magazine

FROOT finds her at her most accomplished and intriguing.

80 - The Observer (UK)

Only the uncharacteristically bitter Better Than That feels out of place on a set steeped in introspection.

75 - Pitchfork

She is an artist who knows who she is, and Froot luxuriates in the confidence that we do, too, relaxing in the space and power that Diamandis has claimed.

75 - The 405

FROOT is her strongest album to date.

70 - Uncut

Froot is another big, unabashed pop album astutely balanced with sufficient melancholy and restraint to stop it from all getting too Katy Perry.

60 - musicOMH.com

Flawed as it may be at times, Froot emerges as Diamandis’ strongest album to date, mainly because it’s the first one that strongly stamps her own personality on proceedings.

60 - Clash Music

Diamandis is using her music to discover who she really is. That said, by the end of Froot, we're still none the wiser.

60 - Boston Globe

Grand statements about humanity in “Savages” and “Immortal” fall flat, and moments like the three-syllable “di-a-mond” in “Solitaire” mistake quirk for personality. But a few slices of FROOT are exactly ripe enough.

60 - The Guardian

Marina’s whooping, swooping mannerisms add to the sense of dislocation--but if you allow yourself to be swept into her world, it’s an intriguing place.

58 - Consequence of Sound

Jumping from intense outpours to cheeky pop, it’s an album of songs meant to be cherry-picked and passed on, not listened to as a whole.

50 - Pretty Much Amazing

This is Diamandis’ break-up album in more ways than the romantic sense. She also severs ties with popular expectation, and the end result is regressive rather than revolutionary.

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Dorothy Gale

Didn't Electra Heart get like a 50 or something? I don't think that score is accurate at all.

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I was at least hoping 91 was a congregate of 2 or 3 reviews :giveup:


Im just hoping for 70s tbh :emma: 

私自身もこの世の中も誰もかれもが, どんなに華やかな人生でも, どんなに悲惨な人生でも, いつかは変貌し, 破壊され、消滅してしまう. すべてがもともとこの世に存在しない一瞬の幻想なのだから
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Pure Adrenaline

lol I really didn;t liked that album 

It's much more fun to have hizophrenia... u never get lonely
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there's only one review so far :emma: 

but slay Marina!! I'm hoping for a score between 70 or 80 tbh. 

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Curious to see the final result, they gave 57 to Electra Heart that to me is better than 'Froot'. 

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Didn't Electra Heart get like a 50 or something? I don't think that score is accurate at all.

​this isnt electra heart. 


and the review changes as more come in 

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3 reviews left for a metascore....

another shot before we kiss the other side
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EW, it doesnt deserve it. 

I love her a lot.. But this album is not very good tbh... 

:duck: this album is her best


im a ruin alone is better than EH

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