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GGD Member & Remixer Jordan Howe (CandyWarhol) Dies At Age 19


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GGD Member & Remixer Jordan Howe Dies At Age 19......




Jordan R. Howe (aka CandyWarhol)

January 30th, 1995 ~~~ March 28th,2014

It brings me to tears to report to you today that one of our own has passed away.

You may remember her, she used to post on GagaDaily 1.0 and on this site as CandyWarhol, and on SoundCloud as Brodie Dagr, --- but her real name was Jordan Howe. She is most remembered here for her Gaga remixes that were featured on PopJustice, E!, and her professional mixes for Beyonce and Jared Gelman. She began life as a boy and reassigned her gender as a girl a few years ago.

Shortly before her death, she was bullied by transphobic individuals and couldn't take the mental torture anymore, which resulted in her taking her own life on Friday, March 28th, 2014.

One of her last artworks was this poignant and heartbreaking piece illustrating the difficulties of being a woman born in a man's body:



Her friend Taylor has described this drawing very well in his post this morning on Tumblr, see the whole post here...


On March 28th 2014, one of my best friends took her own life. Her name is Jordan Howe and she was a transgender female. This is a drawing that Jordan drew which I think perfectly depicts the daily struggles that the transgender community has to face. Jordan was an amazing human being and I really really feel like this drawing should go viral to raise awareness and to educate the world on transgender people. It is NOT ok to discriminate, it is NOT ok to make them feel like less of a girl/ boy because of the body they were born in and it is NOT ok to let ignorant people get away with all of this unnecessary transphobia and downright abusive behaviour. I would really love if each and every one of my followers could reblog this to spread awareness. It’s unfortunate that my perfect, talented and beautiful friend had to leave us the way she did but I can only hope that her love and wisdom and music and art lives on and furthermore helps and encourages other people to see that this is happening daily and it can be stopped. RIP Jordan Howe you are going to change the world xxx



Her art was quite good for one so young, here is a selection her brother released on Facebook for all of her friends and fans to see:




Jordan was extremely talented as a remixer here on GagaDaily, and on SoundCloud. Her greatest work was featured on PopJustice and E! Entertainment Television blogs, you can hear it here:

Born This Way (Jordan Howe Megamix) (Feat. on PopJustice and E!)


PopJustice Review:

Popjustice: Every time we listen to The Greatest Album Of 2011 we find two extra things to love and one extra thing to not be sure about. It's such a complex album - often infuriatingly so - that it is yet to feel like an easy listen. Maybe it will never be background music; it was clearly never meant to be. That's probably a good thing, but there are times when you just want someone to get all the good bits and chuck them into a megamix.

Well the day has come, ladies and gentlemen. "Do you not agree that this is the greatest ****ing megamix possibly ever made?" @AdemWithAnE tweeted at us earlier this afternoon. Unable to contain his excitement, he added: "(@&($#^@(&$(!&#^(*!&[email protected]#([email protected](*&".

We couldn't put it better ourselves. In truth this is a bit more than just a megamix, but it handles the tunes with the care they deserve. Enjoy it before it gets yanked off the internet. It's really great.

She joined GagaDaily in May 2009, and almost from the start had her works featured on Gagafrontrow.net and Lady-Gaga.net. From the beginning, her talent was formidable, and on June 24th, 2010, she released this masterfully remixed track, which cemented her as a fan favorite here on the boards:

LoveGame Con Alejandro (6-24-2010) by Jordan Howe


Eventually, people began to take notice of Jordan... she was commissioned to make remixes for Beyonce, and began producing Jared Gelman full time. Her Soundcloud with a handful of her public remixes can be seen by clicking here and features some of her best works.

In February 2010, Jordan met Gaga on her tourbus after sucessfully tossing her sneakers on stage to get Gaga's attention. Gaga took the shoes back to her bus, and Jordan and her big brother Caolan got to go back and get the shoes... but not before she had autographed them and taken some videos and pictures with them both. Gaga then TwitPic'd a shot of her holding Jordan's shoes:



Jordans' story can be read in Sara's GagaDaily 1.0 Archives.

If you liked Jordan's works, and you want to hear more of them, I had compiled a set of as many as I could find on the internet for the 24 Days of Christmas celebration here on GGD in 2012. There are MORE out there, but they are only inside the harddrives of people who downloaded from GGD in 2009 and 2010. (If you did download Jordan's works from that time on GGD 1.0, I would really love to speak with you as you now hold some extremely rare and precious recordings...)

You can see that compilation here:

After making that compilation up, I messaged Jordan to tell her of the news.

She messaged me back, and to read it now rips my heart out but I am glad that through my OCD saving of sounds I managed to make her happy before she passed...



Well, Jordan, GGD loves you, too....


A post will be made soon on LittleMonsters.com, at which point, everyone is welcomed and encouraged to like and upvote it as Jordan's brother Caolan really wants Gaga to know about Jordan's story.


EDIT: Please upvote it HERE so Gaga can know: https://littlemonsters.com/post/533d2f8346783367208b48b9

The funeral was held in Jordan's hometown of Lurgan, Ireland, at St. Peter's Church, on Monday the 31st, and was well attended.

Condolences can be sent directly to Jordan's brother Caolan here.

In closing, remember, tell everyone in your life how much you love them every day. You never know when it may be too late.

Rest in peace, my wonderful friend...

Live Forever in our hearts...



Special Edit:

Please, everyone, if you can upvote Jordan's story on LM.com so Gaga can see it today, it would mean a lot to Jordan's brother:https://littlemonsters.com/post/534043f9c214e40d358b4fa8

The hashtag on Twitter is #RIPJordanHowe, spread it , please, for everyone to know her story!

Do YOU own the 4' by 6' Perfect Illusion promo Poster? Will pay you for it. Pic: http://i.imgur.com/UWuzumk
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Sorry for bumping this but I really miss this member.    It has been 6 years since she commited suicide due to the transphobic bullying.    We can not afford to loose any of the GOOD

GGD Member & Remixer Jordan Howe Dies At Age 19......   Jordan R. Howe (aka CandyWarhol) January 30th, 1995 ~~~ March 28th,2014 It brings me to tears to report to you today that on

Warhol Killer

OMG why?
May she rest in peace :emo:
EDIT: I just realized she died on Gaga's birthday. :omg: and wow that drawing :omg:

Edited by Warhol Killer
soundophobic polite | soundfanatic dancefight
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OMG, I remember her. its really so sad story that I feel that my words now feel empty. RIP. :emo:

Edited by VforVendetta
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OMG WHAT. she's GORGEOUS whyyy

and so incredibly talented :eww: :eww:



RIP :cry: :cry: :cry:

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This is so strange, I never knew her, but I've been listening to that megamix ever since it came out... It's the only BTW mix I have anywhere.. 

Such a shame, she seemed such a talented and beautiful person... R.I.P

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