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Charts FAQ

When do charts update?

KWORB updates every two hours, Billboard updates every Wednesday and Thursday, and iTunes updates in real time.


When are radio updates posted?

They are posted every morning around 8AM ET from Mediabase.


What is inside a radio update?

A radio update has many different elements. I'll lay them out one by one.

SPINS: The change in spins from the day prior. + is an increase, - is a decrease.

BULLET: The change in spins from one WEEK prior.

AUDIENCE IMPRESSIONS: How many people have heard the song over the past 7 days.


I've heard about the rolling effect, what is that?

Audience impressions, which is how many people hear a song per a week on US radio, is recorded on a weekly basis. What this means is that the audience impression update on a given day is based on how many people heard it the prior week. For example, an update on 10/8 is ROLLING BY the update on 10/1. So, if LESS PEOPLE heard it in the week before 10/8 than the week 10/1, it will be a NEGATIVE UPDATE. In more simpler terms, if there was a BIG INCREASE on radio 7 days ago, it is HARDER to get a big increase on that update because it's BASED ON that update a week ago.


What is power rotation?

Power rotation is when a station plays a song hourly or every two hours, every single day. This helps with spins and audience impressions, as explained prior.


Why does radio and streaming on VEVO impact Lady Gaga's charting?

The Billboard Hot 100 is made up of three elements: SALES, RADIO AIRPLAY, AND STREAMING ONLINE. Because of this, if Lady Gaga has big radio increases and has high levels of streaming on VEVO, her position will likely be higher. SALES AND RADIO make up a bigger part of the chart than STREAMING.


What are different formats on US radio?

Lady Gaga's HOME FORMAT is Top 40. Top 40 is also known as POP, so that can be used interchangeably. RHYTHMIC are stations that play more hip-hop, but pop sings can cross over. HOT ADULT CONTEMPORARY is an older-listener format, but it still has more "trendy" pop songs played on it. Lastly, ADULT CONTEMPORARY is simply adult (older listener) based radio.


When are the sales and airplay charting weeks?

Sales are recorded from a MONDAY TO SUNDAY basis, and airplay is recorded from a THURSDAY TO WEDNESDAY basis on the Hot 100.


What different charts does Lady Gaga chart on?

The Hot 100 records her singles, the Billboard 200 records her albums, and the Dance/Club Play chart records her club spins.


If you have any more questions, feel free to ask in the thread.




The Fame

Billboard 200: #2

Dance/Electronic Albums Chart: #1

4.5 Million in Sales

The Fame Monster

Billboard 200: #5

Dance/Electronic Albums Chart: #1

2.2 Million in Sales

Born This Way

Billboard 200: #1

Dance/Electronic Albums Chart: #1

2.3 Million in Sales



Billboard 200:

Dance/Electronic Albums Chart:


Just Dance

US Hot 100: #1

6.8 Million in Sales

Poker Face

US Hot 100: #1

6.9 Million in Sales


US Hot 100: #5

2.5 Million in Sales


US Hot 100: #6

3.4 Million in Sales

Bad Romance

US Hot 100: #2

5.3 Million in Sales


US Hot 100: #3

3.2 Million in Sales


US Hot 100: #5

2.4 Million in Sales

Born This Way

US Hot 100: #1

3.9 Million in Sales


US Hot 100: #10

2X Platinum



US Hot Digital Songs Chart: #5

The Edge of Glory

US Hot 100: #3

2.6 Million in Sales

Yoü and I

US Hot 100: #6

2.1 Million in Sales

Marry the Night




US Hot 100: #4

1.4 Million in Sales


Do What U Want

US Hot 100:


*This thread is updated every Wednesday based on Billboard statistics. A special thanks to Ikvs/Star for the graphics. General discussion on charts, in addition to conversation about Lady Gaga's albums/singles, is permitted.

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