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Applause being filmed


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''Shooting a music video down town. This is my office for today. Sweeeeeet.''





(Doesn't mean they're filming gaga, they could filming some type of other scene for Applause or some effects and I think dev is a friend of inez and vind.)


EDIT: POST WAS DELETED FOR SOME ODD REASON.. I think he posted something he wasn't supposed to post.. Move this to rumors please, its becoming fishy. 






He posted:

''whatever is on that slate was not from the shoot i’m doing currently. I should have removed it before I took the picture. I’m not affiliated with that shoot which is why i took that picture down. It didn’t even occur to me to check what was on it. please delete it from your blog. I don’t want to get anyone in trouble''


what? omg he's in so much trouble i just got it :spin:


edit: he deleted everything including parts of his blog omg this poor guy   :spin:

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Amen Fashion

Wow! This is kind of amazing, now we actually know who directs the first music video of ARTPOP! Yay! Pretty excited.

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