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Forbes crowns Bad Bunny as ‘The King of Pop’


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Can we delegitimize Forbes to like idk, BuzzFeed levels of seriousness?

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8 hours ago, Wolf Boy said:



6 hours ago, Teletubby said:

Tinky Winky

no, I think the current king of pop is either Sam Smith, justin bieber, or Rupaul

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10 hours ago, HIM820 said:

Noah Schnapp is on the list too even though he has no future acting jobs other than stranger things, so I think that tells you everything about their criteria lol 

how do you know that? i don’t keep up with ST or really any actor 

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5 hours ago, TheSine said:

If he's the King of Pop then I'm the new Godfather of Funk.

And I’m the Emperor of Easy Listening.

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14 hours ago, Nedster said:

Who is the current alive king of pop though? 🤔


checkout my channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC5iGoXYpXnIfLHH1o7H9lxA
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16 hours ago, Art Deco said:

They need to stop giving these titles to everyone and their mother. MJ is the king of pop and TS is the queen of pop. These will never be taken away.

That's what I've been saying!!! Don't get me wrong there are plenty artists serving us absolute bops but none could ever reach the level of the iconic Michael Jackson or the legendary miss TS Madison, now come on now!!! :diane:

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Battle 4 Ur Life

Bad Bunny is such a dumb stage name. it sounds like a gamertag my 7 year old cousins would pick to play roblox.

I’m sorry the fact that this guys stans Ga is not enough to aspire my sympathy towards him. his vibe is toxic and really off to me. I used to like a few of his songs when he came out but nowadays I just don’t buy it

Disgusted Design GIF

“King of Pop” in whatever language is like…I’ve read more believable fan fictions :partysick:

"We own the Downtown, hear our sound."
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Hear me out …I agree. His music is POPular around the globe, and it’s not even in English! aka the easiest way to make your music known globally. He’s constantly putting out projects with multiple videos and looks , he’s all over tv too. Streaming numbers are insane..idk I have to agree with this one. But I agree throwing the whole king, queen , prince/princes etc of pop is just click bait at this point.  

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