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Rank Gaga Oscars Performances

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How would you rank Gaga's Oscars' performances ?

For me:

1) The Sound Of Music Tribute

Two words: Fairytale & Renaissance. At the time Gaga's career had an obscure path and she was not as much in the limelight. This moment was a transformation and the talk of the night. The definition of bringing the house down. Vocally stunning. An incredibly long standing ovation well deserved which surprised her and brought her to tears. She had the seal of approval from Julie Andrews and all Hollywood it seems. I remember the moment being talked about on the radio. A star was reborn. 

2) Shallow (with Bradley Cooper).

One word: Chemistry. While it is by far not her best vocal performance of the song, it is beautifully done. The visual composition alone of Gaga and Bradley sitting so close to eachother at the piano, their eyes closed while singing, Gaga resting her face on Bradley's shoulder romantically and Bradley's profile, is the definition of iconic. Again, it was the moment of the night. It got two standing ovations. The performance revived rumours about them dating and I think we all enjoyed the press didn't we :teehee:

3) Hold My Hand.

I hesitated putting this as second, because it is truly remarkable. I'm a bit over the "oh look she's not wearing make up or a gown", but what I love is how it reminds me of a live performance of a 60s/70s rock legend. It's so closely shot and intimate. It's not just her vocals, she lives every single word, she goes from sadness and worry, to hope, she tells a story with her face and body. Again she brought the house down, the crowd's reaction is satisfying and she got a standing ovation. Time will tell how this performance lives on. But I feel it seals Gaga yet again as one of the greats, as the star of the stars, a legend. 

4) Till It Happens To You.

I don't have much to say about this one. I know a lot of people hold this song and moment dearly :heart:

Kind regards
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Love this thread!


1) Sound of Music

Simply took my breath away and I think made such a huge portion of the general public sit back and reevaluate her and her talents. 

2) Shallow

I debated putting this first due to pop culture impact alone. It was pretty flawless for me and the chemistry is literally so intense you can feel it when watching it every time. 

3) Til It Happens To You

I like the swing better than HMH and I felt that this moment really touched a lot of the women in the audience. Rachael Adams and Kate Winslet specifically. 

4) Hold My Hand

I had a knee jerk negative reaction to this but after rewatching it and giving it thought I really am in love with the way she did this performance just not necessarily the arrangement of the song. 

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I guess they all have their moments, but I only really care for The Sound of Music one. I would’ve loved to see HMH get its power ballad moment bc it’s truly one of her best songs to date, but I just really didn’t care for the stylizing of that performance musically :traumatica:

we have no choice but to stan qian kun
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1. Sound of Music tribute: My goodness. FLAWLESS. The gag of it all. 10/10 performance.

2. Hold My Hand: The stripped down performance let her voice shine and added depth to the lyrics. She was pressed on time and in the Harley mindset for filming but still gave an authentic, moving performance!

3. TIHTY: The dark tone in her voice still sends shivers down my spine! You could see the anger as she played that piano. The climax and ending were very moving.

4. Shallow: Bradley came in with that shaky “tElL Me soMeThINg gIRl” and it immediately killed the vibe for me. :ladyhaha: The climax didn’t hit as hard as I thought it would because her voice did that weird thing like she was out of breath and it cracked. It was quite the cultural moment tho. 💅 

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2 minutes ago, LateToCult said:

The climax didn’t hit as hard as I thought it would because her voice did that weird thing like she was out of breath and it cracked. It was quite the cultural moment tho. 💅 

True but its so sad because her verse and the first chorus were just immaculate,  even the crowd gasped 

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UGH this is so hard- I feel like The Sound of Music has to go at the top because that's when I got a lot of messages that were like... oh she CAN sing I see why you like her so much.

Til it Happens to You was so ****ing powerful I loved it.

Hold My Hand.


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The Sound of Music - pure perfection. I still remember watching it on some LQ livestream, being absolutely in love with "Disney princess vibe", underestimating how important in her carreer that performance would be. I mean, I was in love with her talent and voice before, what happened afterwards made me realize how many people lived under the rock :derpga:

Shallow - I don't mind Bradley's vocals, I truly think their chemistry is more important than his skills in this perfo.

TIHTY - she got into "I don't give a **** if it sounds perfect, It's all about emotions" mood and it worked so well. Extremely touching.

Hold My Hand - not a fan of this one, her tone has been sounding a bit strained since the Grammys 2021 + the arrangement sounds off key to me, as if every musician there was playing a different song :huntyga: I loved that the GP enjoyed it :applause:

...has anybody seen my disco stick?
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