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First Open LGBT+ UFC Fighter

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Space Cowboy
6 minutes ago, TMM90 said:

Oh ooh its the morality police

Someone was sexually traumatized and a mod literally warned ppl not to ask for trauma ****.. What exactly are you trying to justify?

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A bit of a mess but this is big for UFC.  From the article: UFC fighter Jeff Molina is opening up on his sexuality after a video showing him performing a sex act on another man was lea

Yeah but the video? Where is it? 

Funny, but it wasn't his consent to have it released so let's not go down this path 

1 hour ago, HotLikeMexico said:

You sound really defensive. This is an open forum and people are allowed to respond and comment on things you chose to put out there.

Yes, because if someone is pointing you out about something when your intentions were not what he pointed out, how would you feel? And it's not just that, everyone here is old enough to know what's wrong, we were taking things with humor and then someone with superior morality comes pointing and making it look like we're horrible people, like bro people are allowed to be wrong without you sad reacting and making it seem like you just made the worst unforgivable mistake of life, makes it look like your intention is not really to correct someone but to make people come at them and make them look like horrible persons and then they go and report me, so are you really trying to correct someone or just want them to get ban of the site for a mistake? like yeah you can come and say "I think those jokes are not correct in this situation" but instead this user come as judgmental and in a problematic way. And honestly it's something very common here, someone always comes out playing morally correct and pointing out when someone does something wrong, it's internet culture, waiting for someone to make a mistake so we cancel them, like bro people are allowed to make a mistake:triggered: I come to this site to interact and socialize with people, so I'm always making jokes and trying to make others laugh like some other users that i really like cuz they dont take life so seriously, i mean sh*t happens to all of us just like this other guy video leak but thats just life you cant be always stressed and bitter about everything but it seems that people here are waiting to create a problem out of everything so is just comes as annoying cuz i dont join this site to be involved in drama. 

Quizás bastaba respirar, sólo respirar, muy lento...💙
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