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Britney reveals she’s written 3 versions of her book & been having therapy

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Britney revealed she’s written 3 versions of her upcoming book. She also mentioned throughout the process of writing it she’s been having a lot of therapy.

Britney said if her family took some accountability it would help her get closure to move on. She reveals when she writes her long captions it’s hard for her to share but then sees people telling her to stop complaining and to ‘get over it’. She said she’s trying to become stronger.

The book is rumoured to come out at the end of the year/beginning of Q1.


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#JusticeForBritney ♡
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Madame Goo Goo

I would probably c-word s-word if I was in a conservatorship for like a week, she is so strong fr

Lady Gaga doesn't owe us anything
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Ugh, I am so happy she’s in therapy. I was so afraid that after being lied to and tricked with fake therapists and doctors she would put them off completely and not seek help even though it’s obviously needed after something so cruel. I am proud of her. 

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You know she's a pure soul when she thinks her family actually think they were in the right when in reality they KNOW they were doing her wrong and dirty. I hope the therapist will tell her that she doesn't need their apologies to get a closure, it doesn't depend on them and she doesn't need **** from them. I get her point, of course, but she does not need them.

I don't get the last phrase when she said "was it worth it...not so sure" is she talking about the books or the therapy? If it's the last case, I hope she'll realize that she needs that. Hell we need that, let alone her who suffered all that for 13 years. 

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