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The Little Mermaid is coming to theaters May 26, 2023


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holy f*ck i got goosebumps!!! also made me slightly emotional because the little mermaid is my favourite disney animation of all-time and reminds me of my childhood so much. very much excited for

7 hours ago, thisboyisamonster said:

I still don't understand the problem - why are people mad?

Racist people don’t like it’s when POC get jobs lol 

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FFS you can still be “oh I saw the character Ariel as this way because of a, b, and c” while still not being a racist and excited for this film. 


YALL CAN BE BOTH! HAVE AN OPINION WHO CARES! THIS MOVIE IS EXCITING TO ME ANYWAYS! If you disagree, wait to watch it. And if you disagree, cool. Just don’t be racist. Let’s just see how it is!!  

hell ya Ariel comin outta the sea wishing she could be part of this worlddddfd

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She just looks more like Belle than Ariel, there's that. At least they could've used blue contacs. She would've been way better as Belle than Emma Watson... :oops:


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