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Maxine Puth

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Maxine Puth

I posted in the other thread but I made up a set list so I thought I would post it here :mark: Beware I cut out a lot of her smaller hits to make room for some cuts which fit the vibe

So basically it would be 70s themed and would be a lot more softer of a vibe than her past few shows (JWT, Enigma, CBT) 


And the stage would be designed based on a dance floor but it would be two stories, and actually it’s sort of “movie set” themed if that makes sense :messga:

So the start of the show would be basically Gaga getting ready for the show with A-YO, and it would be a big spectacle with her being pushed around in hair and makeup kinda like MANiCURE at the ArtRAVE. She would have long blonde hair, maybe some big funky platforms for the first act (which she could switch to more comfortable shoes). At the end of the song you hear someone say “action” and someone closes the little movie clip thing in front of her. Then the show “begins”



1. A-YO

2. The Fame 

3. Just Dance

- Queen of Clubs interlude - 

Okay hear me out: a very cheesy 70s opening credits for the show with Gaga, her band, and dances (this is a video interlude)


4. Poker Face 

5. Summerboy

6. Born This Way

7. Black Jesus + Amen Fashion

- interlude -



9. Sexxx Dreams

10. Retro Dance Freak 

11. Babylon 


- Piano Segment -

12. Shallow

13. Look What I Found

13. Come To Mama (goes from piano to dance)

- interlude -


14. Rain on Me (Disco mix)

15. Free Woman 

16. Applause

17. Bad Romance / I Want Your Love 

18. LG7 Song

19. Love Me Right 

- encore -

20. The Edge of Glory 

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I’d be here for it. I’d appreciate it even more with a rock/hardcore aspect added in there.

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I love this a lot! This concept seems really fresh and new for her and I love the lightheartedness of it 🥰 

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Maria Brink

Y’all forgetting that Vegas is a greatest hits show.. all these album tracks… come on now 

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