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Lizzo, Rage Against The Machine are donating to abortion access

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Reveals when?? Results when?? Do we have all submissions?? Do we have all votes?? Am I winning??
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I saw Lizzo's last night on TikTok. I hope more people do this. Whether they make it known or not. 

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The Fame

Thank you to Lizzo (AND Live Nation) and RATM!


Hopefully other artists follow her lead. If I was super rich and famous I absolutely would be using my platform to scream about this and donate millions


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1 hour ago, pachinko said:

When will Gaga?

I too hope that she will talk about it. But at the same time it must be extremely triggering for her, considering she’s most likely had one already. Remember that documentary where she said she was left “on the corner, pregnant” by that producer? Well as far as we know she never had that baby. And in the MTN video, I’m pretty sure the hospital scene was meant to represent that. “No intimacy for two weeks”. 

so I too would like to see her do something about it, considering she’s done things for other causes, but I also understand that she might be too fragile on this specific topic.

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P!nk has also shared a list to donate to with the caption “Donating now” to her stories. 

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27 minutes ago, pachinko said:

When will Amber Heard? 

She made a pledge :samanthac:

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