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Rapper Rye Rye wants credit for Drake sample on new album


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Baltimore rapper Rye Rye says Drake sampled her music on his new album without properly crediting her.

Recently Drake surprise-released his seventh studio album, Honestly Nevermind, and Baltimore artist Rye Rye discovered that a sample of her music was used on the song “Currents.” While it is a big win for Baltimore and the dance club artist, Rye Rye says the sample was not cleared with her, and she is yet to get credit.

Rye Rye first took to Twitter excited to celebrate making it onto a Drake song in any capacity. She then clarified that she did not give Drake’s team permission to use the sample.

The news set Twitter alight with some fans outraged that Rye Rye not only wasn’t asked for permission to use her sample but also was not given any credit at all. Unfortunately, the artist says she sees this happen all the time, and people often do not know whose voice it is.

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