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FKA Twigs explains why she partnered with Atlantic

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FKA twigs partnered with Atlantic Records in the U.S. (in the U.K., she will continue to release music via the Young label)
"The pandemic, for me, was a time to really think about what I wanted as an artist. When I went into my career in my youth… look, I’m from a small town in England, Gloucester. When I first got signed I was just grateful to be signed — I wanted to please, to fit in. I was happy just to have a seat at the table. It has taken me this long to think about what I would truly like. I’ve had a beautiful career, and haven’t wanted for much. But I wanted to dream big, to make music around people that look like me, think like me and understand my cultural background more. The ambition that I have — to be a girl from a small town in England, to get to New York when I was 20, it all took ambition. Maybe I wanted to experience that on a bigger level. Don’t get me wrong: Young Records [formerly called Young Turks] is incredible, and we’ve had a beautiful journey, but in my heart, it was time for me to move on in certain aspects: Push myself, dream bigger, have more people experience my art."


FKA twigs about collaboration with the Weeknd
"I couldn’t imagine he would say yes. Pablo [Díaz-Reixa, co-writer/producer El Guincho] thought I was being silly and that of course the Weeknd would want to be on it. We got up the confidence to write the text — you know how your friend gasses you up to do something — so I did it, sent him the MP3, and he knocked out the vocals within two weeks. He loved it. That restored a lot of confidence in me, that I can reach out to Abel [the Weeknd] and other artists I might want to work with.
One thing I have learned on this album is that you’re not going to die from asking a question or hearing “no.” If you want something, go and get it."



Reveals when?? Results when?? Do we have all submissions?? Do we have all votes?? Am I winning??
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