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Trump had COVID at first presidential debate

Morphine Prince

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What a disgrace this man had so much power... And to think that this amoeba inspired so many far right movements around the world... :fail: And we will still suffer the consequences for a few more years


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Mother of Puppies
21 minutes ago, Morphine Prince said:

I guarantee you he tried to infect Biden. This is attempted murder. 

I mean... I laughed, but it's not even that far fetched. :triggered:

I'm a free womaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan
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Queen Bitch
37 minutes ago, CyanLights said:

ALSO as a PSA to all users, death threats of any kind are not allowed (regardless if its about this POS) so please dont go that far 

What if it's not a threat, but more like a wish? Just out of curiosity:huntyga:

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5 minutes ago, SEANGT said:

it's another one of those things that we already knew but is confirmed again and still won't matter. 

its sad because most of the people defending Trump are saying that it happened so long ago, no harm no foul, blah blah blah. Tbh no matter what this man does, they will never have the mental capacity to think for themselves and admit hes said and done some nasty **** 

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So… yeah this is like attempted murder, right? Cool. Is anything gonna come of this? no 💕

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