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ABBA Being So Cute Before Extreme Fame


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So Young, So Cute, So talanted :flutter:


Little did they know they were on the verge of international stardom :bradley:



0:43 so cheesy but so adorable :ladyhaha:

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2 hours ago, Economy said:

@Ronk do u remember this time :flutter:


I find music and movies involving love had such a charisma in this period of time :giveup:


Also ABBA is just :legend:

I liked ABBA from the first time I heard them, sometime in the '70s.  They were always great. 

I agree about the charisma back then.  Maybe the love movies and music seemed more genuine and not as commercial back then.

That era brought us movies like The Way We Were, A Star Is Born (Streisand), The Goodbye Girl, and Annie Hall.

But what I was really into for decades was action movies (Clint Eastwood, Stallone, Schwarzenegger, Bruce Willis, etc.) and Sci-fi movies.  In recent years I like feel-good movies with happy endings.

I live outside the space time continuum.
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