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Grimes tattooed her whole back

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chromatic puzea

the bottom part kinda looks like the facial ornaments gaga wore in the 911 video


hard to even fathom which parts you should believe
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When you let your new baby scribble on your back...:awkney:

Stream my new single🔹️"Sapphire Phoenix"🔹️on Spotify!
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I wanna do this tbh but do a black spine tattoo and the rest be random stuff

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So her cats scratch her back and now she calls it a tattoo?

I am authistic, so don't be offended if I make a mess sometimes.
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Cool tattoo!

Now give us one of the 5 scrapped albums you keep talking about.

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6 minutes ago, PatrickMonster said:

People really like this or it's just a meme and I don't get it? She looks like she had an accident or got beaten up or raped or something

This is such an awful comment to make, literally wtf, specially the r*pe part. Even the word can be triggering for some people. 

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UV tattoos are very cool, but isn't the ink toxic and they only last a few years before they stop working? Aside from that, unless you frequently visit places with UV lights, it's kinda pointless. A very Grimes thing to do  though. She's all about being some kind of alien, woodland fairy, anime, science fiction, AI, creature

I'll be myself until they fūcking close the coffin.
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