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Happy Stupid Love anniversary


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My Name Isnt Alice

I was just about to go to school preparing for the quarterly exams and while reviewing, Stupid Love leaked then I stopped studying because stupid love ATE me whole. I was late for 50 mins and missed my first exam :saladga:

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Jose P

Plssss I can’t believe it’s been a year already, that was such an iconic night seeing the song leak by snippets, the LG6 Discussion Thread going crazy and the site crashing numerous times until the song leaked in full and HQ :giveup:

I blasted that leak so many times lol.

Also the LG6 Discussion Thread remains a legend, at least it was entertaining and engaging delusion unlike the Sour Candy thread :huntyga:

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When it came out I was like " Finally some good pop music again" and "Ohhhhh it´s Gaga! I missed her!"

I have to laugh.
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I was pretty underwhelmed at stupid Love when it leaked, same with Applause when it came out. I thought Sex Dreams was gonna be the lead single :saladga: I was sitting on my ass in my bed listening to stupid Love and was underwhelmed but am now a stupid Love stan

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I was high when it leaked and was panicking coz I couldn’t find a link :air: had to ask my friend to find and download it and send it to me :air:

was in love with the leak and I still love the song a year later :nick:

insta: good_lukeing | I have nothing else to promote
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I was in the middle of a drivers ed theory class, my friend sent me the link and the time between that and when I finally got home and listened to it were the longest two hours of my life

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Joshie S
5 hours ago, PartySick said:

And y'all thought it was me 'cause I was at that show :toofunny:

Wait, it wasn't you? :ladyhaha: Not me thinking it was you every time I saw a comment from you:ladyhaha:

OT: I was in my bedroom. Worried about COVID. It's before the world started taking it seriously and I was pre-pre-pre-warning all my friends & family that things were about to change.

So yeah I was in my room not downloading all the leaks:staymad: and screaming because I loved it SO MUCH. Ya'll hate on Stupid Love too much it's such a brilliant pop song and really talks about Gaga's pain and mental health.:applause:

The melody that you choose can rescue you ♥
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