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2 years since Britney last performed

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Was this her last performance?  

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  1. 1. Was this her last performance?

    • Yes, she will never perform again
    • No, she will perform again one day

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On October 21, 2018, Britney Spears performed the last show of her Piece of Me Tour at the Circuit of the Americas in Austin, Texas as one of the two performers of the Grand Prix (the other one being Bruno Mars). This was the last time she performed, since then she has announced a hiatus and has stated in court documents that she has no desire to work/perform again, especially if her father is in control of her estate.

Do you believe this was her last performance ever or do you think she'll perform again one day?

Btw i'd totally respect and understand if she didn't perform again and retired, but I would miss her shows! I just cannot believe it has been two years!:bradley:


Source: BreatheHeavy/Exhale

#FreeBritney ♡
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It's hard to say... I'm sure from 2011 to 2015 she wanted to retire, she had no passion at all for what she was doing. However after 2016 she started to shine again, had a lot of energy and seemed more invested (doing choreo herself for Domination for example).

If the c-ship ends I could see her retire and disappear from the public eye for a while but she would most likely come back at some point. She has been performing her whole life, she would probably miss it

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Sour Candy

When she gets rid of her useless father, she will definitely restart her music career. Besides, she is obliged to release one more album due to her contract with RCA 

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xoxo Craig

Well I doubt she'll never ever perform again, but I don't see it happening within the near future. Until we free her, I don't see her releasing music or performing

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If the c-ship continues, I think she won't return. She is tired of the control they have over her, have over her career, her money, etc. and she is done playing that game. It's not fun for her anymore because they are so in control. She use to LOVE it, but has been over it since after the Circus era when she realized they were not going to end the c-ship (they originally told her allegedly that if she did Circus and toured, they would let her out of the c-ship after. However, Jamie went behind her back and made it permanent.)

If the c-ship ends, she could take more time off and enjoy her freedom but I can see her making a BIG comeback. She would be able to do things HER way like she use to do, she would prob talk about the c-ship, etc. and it would be massive. Also she could make HER OWN schedule. She would never have to be overworked again.

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1 minute ago, Gagaism said:

I just can’t wait to see her energy when she get her freedom and coming back to the stage. 

Maybe she would even sing live more like she did with something to talk about 

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