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911 music video predictions

Biological Stasis

It seems as though 911 is officially hitting radio in France and probably other places around the world. That means the music video is officially upon us and I want to hear people's predictions and opinions on what the music video will be about and what it will include and what you want to see. 

We are aware that the song is about Gaga coming to terms and and feeling comfortable taking anti-depressants. More specifically, her relationship with the antipsychotic medication, Olanzapine.

1. Do you think the video will contain subtle symbolism about medication along with other visual imagery related to pills, mental health, etc? Rain On Me had rain, so will 911 have pills or do you think emergency services will play a visual role? Maybe some mirrors or reflective surfaces to convey the lyrics: "My biggest enemy is me"

2. When Gaga sings "Pop a 911," will she punch a cop? :flutter: - Or do you think the 911 video will mostly pertain to emergency services that actually assist people like an ambulance or the fire department, etc. I know this may be an unpopular opinion: But I would love just one tiny quick nod of her condemning police brutality. I know the song isn't about that, but the timing is perfect in this political climate and Gaga is a genius when it comes to pushing boundaries. It would be super cringey if most of the video had contained such visuals, but if it would be done very subtle and executed properly, she could make a huge statement without being disrespectful or overly controversial. And NO - not like Kendall Jenner's Pepsi cringe-fest :lmao:More like the religious controversy with Judas around Easter in 2011.  She can take a political stand while also being subtle and not in your face (see: Gaga's nip slip at the VMAs) Face it - Everywhere you go on the internet, there are articles and headlines almost everyday that read: "Officer shoots unarmed black man", "Officer shoots and kills teen with autism," etc. and THEN an article pops up: "Gaga releases 911 official music video!"  ....even if I was just some random, casual person and not a fan of Gaga or her music, I would instantly think the two subjects were related to each other and tune in to see. That would grab many people's attention, not just Gaga fans. We know she won't touch the subject, but it would be lovely to see her use her platform for the BLM in a classy way.

3. Do you think the video will have a subtle plot/narrative (like Stupid Love) or just a music video of her and her dancers serving fire choreography and fashion while edited together with cool special VFX (like Rain On Me)

4. When do you think the music video will be released? Late September or Early October?

5. Is 911 too experimental? The general public may have trouble understanding half of the verses' lyrics for awhile. But does it even matter if they can't decipher the lyrics immediately? Most rap & hip-hop songs, as well as other genres, come off as lyrically unintelligible at times and they still perform well. 

Bonus Question 1: How will the 911 radio edit be mixed? We all know the transition from Chromatica II is not only viral and iconic, but it is also integral to the main track itself because it perfectly showcases the musical contrast between Gaga's eclectic and dichotomous sound and persona (i.e. cinematic string orchestra vs. robotic vocals and industrial synths.) However, Chromatica II is a 41 second orchestral interlude. Is that radio friendly? Do you think they will revamp and mix Chromatica II in order to play only the last 13-15 seconds of the ending, thus keeping the widely-known transition intact or do you think the string interlude will be excluded from most if not all of its radio performance. 

Bonus Question 2: Lyrically and musically, what did you think of 911 during you very first listen back when it was first released? What do you think of it now? During my very first listen, I thought the interlude transition was of course iconic and genius, I especially loved the verses; Her monotonous and robotic vocals and with a techno-funk groove. The chorus wasn't bad, but it felt underwhelming in a way. Now that I've listened to it almost 500x, it has grown on me. I also love the outro :saira:

I apologize if some my questions come off cynical in any way; :ohno: I'm just generally curious and attempting to start a conversation and hear some theories. 


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My prediction is we’re not getting a video :bear:

but i will happily be proven wrong 

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Warhol Killer

I always thought that the video would be something like this (basing it on the multiple Gagas fight rumours);

On 9/12/2020 at 5:19 AM, Warhol Killer said:

There are a lot of rumors regarding the 911 music video. The fighting with multiple Gaga's is the most common thing. I think, it could be cool if the multiple Gaga's would be something like this:


-One huge Gaga, maybe the one singing the lyrics

-Multiple small Gaga's fighting her

I feel like this is more dynamic idea than just a one-on-one fight with multiple Gaga's of the same size. It could be cool too if the scene is similar to the picture above, and the wires attached to her head can be attached to this:


And then she'd announced it like this:

3 hours ago, Warhol Killer said:

Imagine if she announces it like this literally minutes before the release:

"CHROMATICA EMERGENCY! 🚨🚨🚨 POP A 911! Can you patch the line? NEW SINGLE + MV at *insert time ET/PT 🚨🚨"

with the single cover.


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This is my prediction, even though it's VERY unlikely ANY of this would happen, this is what I'm picturing for the song :vegas:



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Pop Music

it to be incredible 

but that's not a prediction more of a fact 

Gaga 💝Taylor 💝Carly Rae 💝Marina 💝Britney 💝Shania 💝Disney 💝Lush 💝Corey Fogelmanis
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M Monstre

Not a prediction, but more wishful thinking: I hope that it has a solid storyline.

I really liked the ROM music video, and I even enjoyed the SL one too, but both didn't seem as "grand" as they could have IMO. I like the choreo in both, but other than that, the videos don't really go anywhere and it's kinda stale to just watch a group of people dance while pretty much only the backgrounds and the outfit change. 

I'm not saying that it needs a G.U.Y. or a MTN level story behind it, but maybe something along the lines of John Wayne, Bad Romance, or Alejandro? Visually interesting, creative, weird, has choreo too (but it's not limited to just that), and has a story behind it. 

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Did she do a video for it? 

Its rumored she had one for Free Woman and Babylon but 911...idk we are all still in quarantine and she would have to have people wearing a mask on the video? Unless she makes it part of the theme but that's stupid 


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