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Stefani Tee

Get into Bree Runway!!

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I discovered Bree last summer when she did a song with Brooke and I have been obsessed with her. She is an upcoming artist under Virgin EMI Records. Her first release was last year (tho she has one single from 2016 and one from 2017 as independent releases). 

Here are her first two singles:



"What Do I Tell My Friends?" is pretty much TIHTY, but a bop. In the video she kills her abuser and twerks over him :vegas:

Then last year she started releasing with her label and dropped the EP "Be Runway" with 5 songs, while 3 of them got a video and they are absolute serves!

And the most important part of course: SHE IS A GAGA STAN :vegas:

Aww how cute is she :messga:

Also, here's Bree covering Million Reasons:

She also posted a pic of Gaga in the MTN video in her story yesterday, you can still see it!

And last, but not least: She's damn gorgeous!


My heart is a delicious cherry bomb...
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literally my fave artist at the moment, i've been playing her stuff to my friends for a while now, RUNWAYS unite!!!

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Yes, yes! Be Runway was my summer album :giveup: I can't wait for her next release

She also stans Sophie, the flavour...

The future backwards spells er u tuf
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