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Experiencing The HausLabs PopUp & Meeting Gaga for GGD!

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Experiencing the HausLabs Pop Up at The Grove!


This event was a spectacular embodiment of pure love.

So much love and care for this brand, and these cosmetics, shines through in the spirit of HausLabs, brought to life in a pop-up physical storefront today at the Grove in Los Angeles. Not a detail is missed, from the window cleaners shining the glass before the crowds, to counter-spot buffers polishing the marble display tables as customers rushed in.

A world class team of point-perfect makeup artists, designers, influencers and specialists were on hand to discuss the aesthetics, the compositions -- (and for those of us who need instructions)  -- step by step recipes for creating our own looks, and interpretations of ones Gaga has made so famous over the years. 

Devoted Gaga fans lined up around 8pm the night of the 4th, just hours after the HausLabs announcements on Instagram, and began an oh-so-worth it night of no sleep - in anticipation of being one of the 50 people who might get picked to meet the Queen of Fashion today! Others waited to get their hands on the new merch first, and nearly everyone I talked to was hoping for at least a glimpse of Gaga at some point. 


Lines went down 3rd Street

Most of the fans came from the  LA area, but some had rushed in via flights or frantic Ubering. One girl was visiting from Brazil and recounted to me how hard it is to be a fan in a different country where it's hard for Gaga fans to see her at all.  "You are so lucky in the United States," she told me. Economic constraints, old fashioned anti-gay attitudes, and rampant scalping plague fans in South America. That being said, she still wants Gaga to "come to Brazil" again someday.

There was an overwhelming sense of, "Wow, all of us are super lucky to even be here" permeating the crowd. Even through the usual silly complaints ("that's my eyeliner b*tch", "it's too sunny here", I'm so hungry"), these fans forged a camaraderie and a bond over shared hours of sleepless bathroom breaks and cold fast food. Some fans were lucky enough to be spelled by family members so they could run home and change; or fix make up with last minute touches.  All the while as this went on, the security guards were refreshingly amiable, telling jokes with fans, attempting to sing Shallow miserably (but a damn good try!)  and loaning chargers to those poor overheated Iphones and Androids breathing their last!

Around 11:30 am, the line stretched to nearly 300 people thick and continued to grow.


Outside, looking in.... on the insiders, looking out.

The HausLabs team made sure the building outside was in perfect order. When the time finally came for people to be let in, at noon sharp, groups of 20 at a time filed in with so much joy and anticipation! Whooping and screaming in delight, they all filed in and took photos and bought merch and used the various photo ops and makeup booths throughout the pop-up.
The inside of the pop up was opulent and chic. Bright silver streamers hung teasingly from the ceiling in perpendicular patterns, and orbs of lights surrounded the makeup tables and counters. A nice selection of Gaga tunes, interspersed with Whitney Houston, Diana Ross, and Donna Summer pulsed through the shop. It was heaven. There was so much to do, people almost couldn't figure out what to do first!











Teach me your ways, Meagan :giveup:

Thankfully I got introduced to the HausLabs team, whose kindness was just epic. They showed me around and led me to a real delight: the makeup tables. Here, at each table, a HausLabs employee gave free makeovers, all possible with the current selection of HausLabs pallettes, eyeliners, eyeshadows, and lip sticks. They were patient with each person. This was super important to me, -- because, full disclosure here -- I don't use makeup and I often feel truly overwhelmed when experimenting or forced to face my fear of it.  HausLabs expert Meagan was a delight. I salute you, Meagan. You endured all my questions about makeup that I've been too timid to voice to many people. 

"What order do you put it on in? Is there a go-to thing you put on first? How long does it take you to look good in the mornings, like you do now? What does this do? How do you know where to put the applicator? Or how hard to press it down? How does the moisturizer interact with the foundation? How do you know when you're done? Is there an order of operations, like a procedure book? 

(As I said, insecure AF Chica here)

God bless Meagan. Really. Today I learned:

1. You always put moisturizer on first and then let it dry.

2. The go-to thing first depends on the level of oiliness or dryness in your skin. Oily, use a cloth to wipe off before applying foundation. Dry? Use a moisturizer.

3. It takes Meagan 1 hour to look good every morning from the time she wakes up to the time she feels badass enough to go outside. For the record, Meagan is badass without it, but still! She slays. 

4. This does only what you want it to. Depends on what this is. You are limited only by your imagination, with make up, anything is possible. Your face is your canvas.

5. The order of operations is as follows: moisturizer is your friend, and it is first. Then comes foundation, concealer, eyeshadow, eyeliner, and finally, blush or highlighter. 

6. You are done when you feel everything looks right. And you feel badass. And confident. And like a new person.

I stopped to look at my face in the mirror, and saw a brighter version of myself. I glowed not only on the outside with my new Glam Attack, but on the inside, as well. Corny as it sounds, it's a real feeling to see yourself looking better -- you almost instantly gain confidence and the will to carry forward without ignoring the way you looked before.

Which, when you really think about it, HausLabs mission is not just the physical powders or the liquid lipliner --- it's the empowerment and unbridled LOVE that's built inside every box. Looking around the disco balled room, and seeing other people getting made up and glammed up with glitter and chatting with the team -- it was palpable. Everyone here loves what they do. 
It's not a job at HausLabs, it's a joy. Questions are answered without judgement, and no query is stupid (though I'm sure I came close to a few dumb ones) everyone at HausLabs is patient and so darn kind with every person who comes through.

After my makeover, I made my way to the tables to charge my phone and connect with the constellation of Gaga fans I've come to know over the years. My friends VDRStar and Jared Gelman (friend of our dearly departed remixing genius Jordan Howe) were there, chatting with MarcMonster, who was very tolerant of my nerdy descriptions of remixes, archives and Gaga producers past.

Eventually the time came to go outside and await the Queen of Modern Pop and Triple Threat's arrival. 

Around 4:30, we were ushered inside to be part of an approximately 52 person welcoming committee.

The Haus team was clear on what they expected from us: don't crowd Gaga, don't rush her -- this is her first time ever experiencing her own makeup brand in an actual physical retail store environment. Gaga then has to go from us to discussing things with execs and Amazon people to continue promoting HausLabs to the public. We as fans have "already won, so it's time to be grateful" -- and give her some rightful space to enjoy her new Pop-Up and the potentials it holds. 

That being said, we were encouraged to still show her our joy -- and to sing to her when she came in , to welcome her to her Haus, full of our love for her and her art. After we were led in, 20 at a time, Born This Way began strobing out over the speakers, and the Haus team clapped and declared, "We know you know every word! Sing it loud!" And we all became a flash mob of sorts, instantly reciting all the well-worn familiar lines with gusto. 

Immediately after Born This Way ended, there was some brief silence, and I turned to one of the staff and said, "Let's play Bad Romance! Bad Romance will really  get them on their feet - " and before I could finish the sentence, Bad Romance was playing over head and we all went crazy. 

This is what crazy sounded like:



As we clapped the time and sung our hearts out for her, our hero and inspirational Queen arrived, garbed immaculately in a shocking holiday red glitter ensemble; complete with taloned fingers bejewelled in sparkling rubies. She was moved almost instantly to tears as we serenaded her with her most well known song. Close behind was Sarah Tanno, whom Gaga embraced with emotion as she wiped the tears from her eyes. 



Some of us started tearing up, too, from the giant buildup and release of emotion this whole day had carried with it. Gaga was here, and we were all so delighted to see her. Every person in the room was smiling and cheering and just showing her all the love, all at once, but not crowding her. Thank God. It was so refreshing to see fans actually remembering Gaga's humanity and basic manners and respect. 

When it was my turn to meet her, I greeted her and smiled, and introduced myself, and said I worked for GagaDaily. She was so lovely and nice, and she beamed at me while saying, "Hi Katharine! GagaDaily is my favorite site. But you knew that." 
I took my place next to her where the cameraman was pointing.
"Yes," I said. "Kirill says hi, also." 
"Hi! I love your blog." She grinned warmly as she signed my Haus Labs Glam Room palette. 
My mind did a small short circuit. 
('Blog?' I thought, perplexed? 'Wait, it's a forum. Oh, wait... Kirill posts articles on the main page and the forums are no longer on the main page -- no wonder she said blog. jfc chica DUH)
Then I remembered I wanted to ask her questions about the makeup itself.
"You know, this makeup is like a gateway drug - " I started, only to be sharply interrupted by the cameraman (rightfully, understandably, trying to move things along)  -- to "Get ready, get set, smile!" 

*click* *click*

Gaga immediately prompted me after the shutter closed on the camera. "Gateway drug?" 
"Yes!" I began to explain that odd thought to her, quickly. "A gateway drug to the potentials of makeup as a whole, for people who aren't comfortable yet with it or still have a lot to learn. To be honest, I don't know a lot about makeup myself."

She then did what Gaga is so very good at -- she countered a negative idea with a positive one immediately.
"You're beautiful though -- you're wearing it now, I see Glam Attack on you! This make up is for beginners. It's for people who want to learn, it's so simple." 

By this time, the assistant had taken the makeup palette Gaga had just signed and was gently tugging me away so that the next person could talk to her -- as it should be, I wasn't making the most sense in that 30-40 second time frame, so I patted one big red shoulder pad goodbye, and looked Gaga in the eyes and said, "Thank you so much for all of this! Take care, see you next time." Gaga caught my eye just long enough to smile as I left.

And that was that.

Swiftly, and somehow with the gentlest efficiency, the HausLabs team handed me off to escorts who led me out, giving me just enough time to let some of my new pals in the makeup world know that I would text them or insta them with footage or anything they might need that I'd filmed today.  

It was kind of hard to leave that lovely strobelit pop-up store. And not just because Gaga was there...I was cool with Gaga being there doing her thing peacefully, with all of those lucky people. But it was hard to leave that room to go back to reality, where people are not always as kind and tolerant as they were inside that room. Except for a loose thought that suddenly bounced into my starstruck mind: "I am worth it. They are worth it. Everybody is worth it."

We don't have to wear make up -- we get the choice to wear make up. We are lucky to have these tools to empower us through our day, with courage. Every time we pick up one of these beautifully designed palettes or eyeliners or lip liners --- we are instantly reminded of how Gaga's out there every day creating the bravery within herself to inspire us.

She's continually creating to give back to us to keep us doing the same, and that love and effort and kindness is going to ripple through us to all we touch. That, more than any money or fame or favor -- is Gaga's truest purest purpose here. 

Thank you HausLabs -- for the sheer love you put into every piece of makeup in that store,  and most of all, the ideas behind it that are liberating us all to be our true boldest selves.

I feel so brave. :D In Glam Attack!




The fun will continue at the Grove tomorrow, 12/6/2019,  where Sarah Tanno will host the pop up, give makeup tips and advice,  and give away 100 palettes of Glam Room No. 1 , signed by Gaga, to the first 100 people in line to spend $75. Other surprises are likely to be in store as well, so if you are in Los Angeles, go check it out and have a blast with the HausLabs team!


-- Katharine Styles-Burroughs aka ChicaSkas for GagaDaily.com

(c) 2019

Edited by ChicaSkas
centering, typos
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I love this! Thank you for giving us the inside look at the event. AND YOU LOOK AMAZING IN YOUR GLAM ATTACK :firega:


"Hi Katharine! GagaDaily is my favorite site. But you knew that." 
hot wendy williams GIF


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Venus Rose

Wow that was beautiful :bradley:

Tonight i'm gonna give you all my love, in the back seat.
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River Phoenix


River Phoenix
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Amazing Katherine, great read :applause:

did anyone by any chance do swatches of the palette and the brow sparkle topper ? :awesome:

Edited by affection
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This is amazing! Thanks for sharing, it was a delightful read!

i waste away for fun
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Thanks so much for this. You have a beautiful writing style, and I really admire the composure and respect you show Gaga (and her team) in situations that I think most of us would find overwhelming. 

You are a real credit to GGD. :pawsup:

And how great to hear that Gaga still enjoys our site.

I wonder if she does read the occasional thread, or if she was just being polite. 

I guess we'll never know. 

Anyway, thanks again and keep smiling :D

subtext / fantasy
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Thank you for sharing this!! It’s so beautiful and I was reading it while listening to you all singing Bad Romance :heart: Felt like I was there too:heart: 

𝐼 𝒹𝑜𝓃'𝓉 𝓌𝒶𝓃𝓃𝒶 𝒷𝑒 𝒶𝓁𝑜𝓃𝑒 𝒻𝑜𝓇𝑒𝓋𝑒𝓇, 𝒷𝓊𝓉 𝐼 𝒸𝒶𝓃 𝒷𝑒 𝓉𝑜𝓃𝒾𝑔𝒽𝓉
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Awesome post!
Gaga saying gagadaily is her favorite site O___O Hi gaga :vegas: 

By Caroline Polachek
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Thank you for sharing! Really appreciate to hear about the love environment surrounding the experience. 

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This write-up makes me feel like I was with you the entire time. Sooo good!

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